Random ... So random.


Multiple Binding Tubes

This looks.. weird

While Lucy is resting, the second match of the day 4 starts. How to waste a shitload of time? Have every character comment on who should win. How to waste even more time? Have Juvia go mad... And Mavis fall off the stands. Now you see what I mean by "random", right? Anyway, the match between Lyon & Yuka and Kagura & Millianna starts and... it's 2 vs 1. Kagura just walks away... I don't really feel like typing about Millianna doing random stuff while Lyon makes her look like an idiot...

Kagura almost defeats Lyon

I guess he lost his nose...

Now that she's beaten, Kagura finally gets into action. She easily owns Yuka and even though Lyon creates 3 ice beasts at the same time, Kagura shatters them with the help of Gravity Magic and Archenemy. As she's about to defeat Lyon... the time runs out.

So... what did Lucy tell Natsu? ( ._. ) I admit though, that moment was quite nice, although it wasn't in manga. As Natsu, Gajeel, Sting and Rogue enter the arena, we see Igneel mentioning the Dragon King Festival. Anyway, the match starts ... one spell from each of the 4 Dragon Slayers and the episode ends. Oh well.

Natsu attacks the Twin Dragons

Final Verdict

What to say. The animation wasn't bad, although I don't really like the way they've made Sting's and Rogue's magic. Oh, the beginning annoyed me <_<. Mermaid Heel wins! No, Lamia Scale! Mermaid Heel has women! Lamia Scale helped us! Seriously? And Millianna's part of the battle wasn't interesting at all. Furthermore, Kagura seemed less calm than she should've, in my opinion.


Random Stuff

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