-sigh- ...


Natsu vows to avenge Lucy

Natsu: "I will beat them because they laughed at us! I totally don't give a shit about Lucy being beaten to death!"

Thank God the recaps weren't too long this time... So after beating Lucy, Minerva lets her fall out of the water sphere. Natsu and Gray manage to catch her. After some staring contest between Erza and Minerva, Chelia and Wendy begin healing Lucy. Minerva notes that they should be happy she ended up 2nd, insulting her afterwards. That's when Minerva's team has to defend her, with Erza pulling what was supposed to be an epic face but alas... Now, with the start of the battle portion, both A and B teams have to merge due to an uneven amount of teams. Their entrance was supposed to be epic but alas... I'm a bit disappointed. Everything is being watched by Arcadios and Datong. Datong later reveals that the Grand Magic Games used to be called The Dragon King Festival.

Anyway, the tag battles start with Ichiya & The Rabbit facing Bacchus & Rocker.

I. Don't. Want. To. Talk. About. This. So let's just skip to Kagura & Millianna vs. Lyon & Yuka. But wait, the episode is ending. Well, until next week.. Seems like this battle will last more than one panel.

Fairy Tail's reaction to Nichiya

Final Verdict


Animation quality aside...


And for God's sake... The How I met your mother counterpart story was SO. DISGUSTING. AND. GAY. I was literally waiting until they kiss......... How can I unsee this?

I will pretend that the second half of the episode never existed, the first one gets...


I believe everything mentioned above was so random that there's no need for the Random Stuff section.


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