Update of my status not like anyone here cares but: I've decided to alter my studying plans a little, in other words, I will go 'fuck you school' and get a break on Saturday so expect an anime blog after all! >:C I can't miss the last few episodes now can I? Way to set up my life priorites....

There's not much to say about this one...


Kagura in shower

"So I'll just stand here and look sexy, right?"

Partyyyy timeee! Gajeel's sleeping though. Well, there goes the mood. While Fairy Tail is barrel-surfing, Levy is narrating the story again. The 'day' is just a few days away.. Meanwhile, Sting becomes a prophet. It seems like they're gonna keep hinting at Mato's identity more than the manga does. And Kagura's taking a shower! That's important piece of information! She's not the only one who has a lot to think about, Millianna is also confronted by Risley. However, she doesn't reveal anything. And Yukino is a sergeant! Yeah, I know. It's probably boring reading this as I'm just throwing things one after another, but there's really not much to talk about.

Juvia in Naval Battle

"Look at me. I'm so beautifully animated. That's because I have boobs and no clothes, get it?!"

Moving along, the fourth day of the Grand Magic Games starts and with it, the Naval Battle event commences. Boy, the animators sure take their time drawing the half naked girls and Rocker so they look well, unlike the last two episodes. Risley, Jenny, Chelia, Juvia and Lucy are in. Not just them, but Sabertooth's Minerva, sporting a swimsuit that not even your grandma would wear, is making her debut. Anyway, Lucy starts with summoning Aquarius, whose quick attack is countered by Juvia. Jenny uses this chance to kick the poor Rocker out... And Aquarius leaves for a date. What an original way to leave Lucy on the battlefield again. But fret not, Virgo and Aries are here to save the day.
Wings of Love

Perhaps throwing pink plastic hearts will help...

Even when Juvia throws the rest of the opponents out of the sphere using hearts, which leaves Gray visibly disgusted, Lucy manages to stay in the water. Yay Juvia you're awes-.. Minerva just teleports Juvia. So much for it. Anyway, Minerva finally reveals her bitch personality, attacking Lucy until she's unable to move. Meanwhile, the rest of the Sabertooth is laughing. Well, except for Rogue. As Arcadios orders to stop the match, Lucy is seen being caught by Minerva, hanging out of the water. Is she okay?! We'll find out next time! I won't tell you about it though :P

Juvia's victory pose

Final Verdict

Well, what can I say. Boobs. Err, I mean, animation quality can finally be called good. There's nothing for me to complain about. Except for Minerva being a bitch. But that's not much related to the quality :P And from the looks of the next episode's preview, it will keep its quality. Seriously though, if it's an episode with naked girls...

Rogue and cute Frosch Millianna thinking about Jellal Jellal wandering around

... even the other characters are drawn nicely! Well, I hope they won't use all the budget on Ichiya and make Natsu's fight crappy... The soundtracks were pretty good as always.


Random Stuff

  • Retarded. Lines. Appearing. Randomly. Upper and lower parts of the screen. This annoyed the hell out of me and I didn't notice it until later when I rewatched the episode on my computer. I dunno if it's a problem on my side or the episode's encoding is crappy, but it was especially annoying when it randomly appeared and then disappeared just like that.
  • The bit with 'Wendy-tan, to action!' was hilarious!
  • They didn't include the part with Laxus being disgusted with Minerva :< Instead, Gajeel said that the match was over.. And poor Kinana didn't get her time to party either.
  • Lahar aside, I can't decide which day's guest judge is more annoying...

So what is your opinion about this episode? Share with us!

P.S. As I already said before, I will be away until March 16. See you then!

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