And so, the lousy animation continues... or does it?


Sherria healing Wendy

"Let me heal your boobs... o wait!"

Recaps, recaps everywhere. Well, Wendy 'supposedly' one shotting Chelia is not a bad of recap. *skips the post-opening segment* Wendy is seemingly exhausted, however, the battle continues. Elsewhere, Jellal notices Doranbolt. Doranbolt notes that he's aware of Mystogan's true identity. Back to the match, Wendy pulls a nice speech, telling Chelia to go all out. And she does it! Unleashing the Heavenly Gathering of Clouds spell, Chelia shocks everyone, including her teammates. However, Wendy counters it by restoring Chelia's power... yeah... okay. I won't comment this. Anyway, Wendy and Chelia keep attacking each other, until the time runs out and the result of the match is declared to be a draw. Jura notes that Wendy has grown up, compared to her first appearance. Well, you can only agree with that.

Doranbolt appears in front of Jellal

"You'll come with me, Jel-..." *gets stabbed by a carrot*

Jellal, however, notices that the source of the evil magic is not Chelia. He attempts to chase the mysterious figure, but Lahar and Doranbolt cockblock interrupt him. As Jellal's face is revealed, Yajima steps in, saving him by explaining Edolas. However, Lahar doesn't trust him and claims that he won't let Jellal get away. Being close to the centre of the commotion, Kagura notices it and... morning sickness? Mega, have you done something? So, Jellal escapes and Kagura notes that Fairy Tail was hiding him.

Later, Laxus questions Lumen Histoire. Mavis appears, claiming it's the light of the guild. She then begins to cry, feeling guilty for picking Purehito as the second master who then spread the information to Ivan. Cute xD And awkward at the same time, right Laxus? Well, the day 3 is almost over. We gotta wait to find out what happens next!

Kagura realizes Jellal's hideout

Final Verdict

Harr harr. So I guess all the budget went into Heavenly Gathering of Clouds and Kagura's expression. Thank god for the awesome soundtracks, because almost everything else was... so bad. So. Many. Faces. And. Poses. Ruined. I know that it's not really a must to copy manga's drawing, but I bet Mashima cried when he saw what anime turned his beautiful drawings into. Wendy's "I won't give up!" moment. Chelia and Wendy befriending. Doranbolt's action. Kagura's sickness. Do I need to mention those static animations? Argh. It must sound repetitive when I complain about it each time, but why is the animation quality so down? The anime is freaking popular. Y U NO GET MOAR MONEY?!


Random Stuff

  • I honestly didn't find the post-opening segment with the Exceed funny or cute...
  • Wendy's so-calledy strategy is so random.
  • Poor Freed and Lisanna were completely left out of the episode...
  • Mavis :3

So what is your opinion about this episode? Share with us!

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