... what the hell did I just watch?


The episode starts with horribly drawn Natsu yelling at Laxus to get a hold of himself. That is then followed by even more terribly animated Alexei, as he is supposedly standing above hurt Laxus. Okay, there goes my rant. After the opening sequence is over, the animation gets considerably better, though it's still not on the level of the last episode. However, I'm already annoyed by horribly drawn faces and figures from pre-opening, so let's see if it gets any better or this episode is going straight to hell.

Scary Mavis

Mavis: "O shit.. I hope they didn't find the Playboy magazines in the Fairy Tail's basement.."

Well, the illusionary fight is still horribly animated. Thank god it isn't shown for too long. While illusionary Laxus keeps getting beaten, Alexei keeps boasting about how Raven Tail is an anti-Fairy Tail guild. Well, try to say that again a few minutes later. Laxus reveals, with the help of a flashback, that Fairy Tail knows everything about them. Way to blow Gajeel's cover, lol. Raven Tail begins their attack and...


That Fairy Tail good bye sign was quite random, Makarov. Okay, Laxus owns the so-called elite Raven Tail team *insert sarcasm* and then beats Ivan with a giant ball of lightning around his fist. Yay happy end. As Ivan is being taken away, he claims that Lumen Histoire is Fairy Tail darkness.

Sky God Slayer Magic

How is this supposed to be wind is beyond me...

And so, the final match of the day 3 begins. As the episode title implies, Wendy will now face Chelia! As the two fall come to the arena, Jellal, Ultear and Meredy officially begin their job as professional dark magic stalkers. Anyway, the battle starts with epic soundtrack playing as Wendy attacks. However, Zancrow performs his flame god slayer spell... errr, sorry, they look so alike that they're hard to tell apart v___v Chelia performs two of her moves and it's not until their Roars clash when Chelia is revealed to be a Sky God Slayer. We get some flashbacks of the ever annoying Zancrow this is when they're like, throwing at you the fact that the anime team just copy/pasted Zancrow's magic and called it Sky God Slayer Magic...

Chapati is a pedo pervert.

More flashbacks.


Both Chelia and Wendy eat air, to power themselves up. As Wendy unleashes rather well animated Shattering Light: Sky Drill although still pain in the ass for those who tried to get clear, full shot of this skill @_@ and seemingly takes Chelia down. However, much to everyone's surprise, Chelia stands up, healing her own wounds. Meanwhile, Jellal continues fulfilling his magic stalker job, sensing the evil magic from Chelia. Is Wendy in danger?! We're gonna have to find out next time!

Sherria's evil persona

Final Verdict

So I suppose we were too optimistic, expecting the animation to get only better. Guess what, the opposite happened. As I already mentioned, pre-opening animation was just horrible. Not like post-opening was awesome. Laxus' final attack was quite weird. And then, Chelia's magic.


Excuse me while I decide whether to laugh or cry. I'm sorry, the animators do not hate Orga. They hate ALL God Slayers. Zancrow's flames never looked like flames, but at least they were black. Orga's black lightning isn't even black and both of his techniques looked quite stupid in anime. Chelia? Apparently, Fire = Wind. Yay.

My weekly complaints about animation that probably annoy all of you already aside, the soundtracks were SO AWESOME in this episode. They made Wendy's match almost perfect. If it wasn't for Chelia's magic and many still images, that is.

Overall, the beginning of the episode was rather discouraging, so I wasn't able to fully enjoy the episode until I rewatched it one more time.


Random Stuff

  • I wonder, are the anime-only fans annoyed by extremely unoriginal and spoiler-ful X vs. Y titles? Because I sure as hell would. Takes away the surprise...
  • I don't get how ANY of the Raven Tail's magic is supposed to be strong against Fairy Tail.
  • Talking about their magic, why does Kurohebi keep using only Sand? Isn't he supposed to be able to mimic anything...?
  • Chelia jumping and battling Wendy mid-air was awesome, until it got ruined by a still-animation of Sky God's Claw.

Thank you for reading! Share your opinion in comments :P

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