Hello, welcome to my weekly anime review! This time it's the 167th episode of Fairy Tail entitled 100 versus 1.

Opening 14: Fairy Tail ~Yakusoku no Hi~

This week, the opening and ending themes have changed. The 14th opening is sung by Chihiro Yonekura. It depicts further events of the Grand Magic Games arc. And I must say, they've tried to keep the spoilers to minimum. Probably the only major one was showing Sting's and Rogue's abilities, but that's it. I must say it's animated quite well. The song is pretty good as well. Good job!

Opening 14 - Team Fairy Tail Opening 14 - Fairy Tail logo Opening 14 - Injured Lucy

Opening 14 - Meredy and Ultear Opening 14 - Millianna and Kagura Opening 14 - Wendy and Sherria

Opening 14 - Natsu and Gajeel Opening 14 - Sting and Rogue


The dancing Fairy

Break dance!

Erza challenges 100 monsters in the Pandemonium event. Mato claims that it's impossible to defeat all of them but Erza doesn't seem to give a flying f**k. As she enters the castle, she repeats the challenge and monsters appear. Everyone else comments her recklessness. Anyway, Erza requips her Heaven's Wheel Armor and an epic soundtrack starts playing as she performs her Blumenblatt spell. She then proceeds to requip Black Wing Armor, slaying more monsters. And that's where the shit gets serious. Erza begins combining her armors and weapons. Water+Fire/Water Lightning attack? No problem! Throwing a spear while shielding herself? No problem! Erza proceeds defeating the monsters, however, she takes some damage and becomes quickly exhausted as well. As she requips her Japanese robe and defeats the last A and B class monsters, there is only one left. What I thought was the Grand Magic Games' camera or something transforms into the S-Class monster. Mato remarks that its power is tripled 'cause all the other monsters are down. Despite the initial struggle Erza manages to land several blows, while Levy's commentary is going on. Successfully defeating it and thus clearing the Pandemonium, Erza earns herself an applause from everyone.

Erza defeats the S-Class monster

Anyway, in order to finish the competition part, Mato introduces an MPF which measures the magic it is hit with. Millianna scores about three thousand, with Nobarly, Hibiki and even Obra getting less points than her.

It's official.

Cana's GMG Fairy Glitter

White and shaky screen: Pro Animation!

Yes, the animators hate Orga. The animation of 120mm Black Lightning Cannon was... ugh, I don't know how to describe it. It looked so awesome in manga, yet the anime made it look.. lame. While Rumbling Mt. Fuji looked good, it didn't take me too much to realize that with no soundtrack playing, it was rather uninteresting as well. Fairy Glitter was... umm.. I expected a bit more. But alas...

Meanwhile, Raven Tail plots something. Yep.

Ending 14: We're The Stars

Not much I can say about it. I honestly just skimmed through it. The song is calming, nice one. It seems to focus on Lucy. Not bad.

Final Verdict

So as everyone knows, Pandemonium was greatly expanded in the anime, compared to the manga. Seeing the beginning of it, with Erza requipping Heaven's Wheel Armor, I got an impression that the battle will be dynamic with nice animation. However, it was interrupted quite often by the spectators' reactions and in the end, the battle turned into static images. Yep. The overall impression was not too bad though.

The MPF was.. somewhat boring. Lack of good soundtracks is at fault, in my opinion.


Random Stuff

- Erza has manners! Introducting herself to the monsters...
- Getsuga Tenshou!!
- How the hell can even Flight Armor make you so fast when you're carrying a giant mace..?
- Orga's indifference is getting annoying.
- Lol @ CanaxHibiki
- Isn't Mavis awesome? :3

So what is your opinion about this episode? Share with us! Thank you.