Hello, hello! Welcome to my review of the newest Fairy Tail's episode. Shall we start?

Natsu enveloped in lightning

"Shit.. no matter what I do, my clothes are still immune to my magic..."

Natsu has barged into the Sabertooth's inn, demanding a match against their master. However, Kakashi.. err, Dobengal is told to deal with him instead. He uses ninja-like moves, teleporting around, throwing smoke bombs and magical blades. Anyway, our little Kakashi mage gets defeated in one hit, shocking everyone. So Natsu attacks the master, delivering several blows while Jiemma attempts to counter with his magical farts shockwave magic, until Natsu uses Lightning Flame Dragon's Firing Hammer, causing a huge explosion. His spell, is however, blocked by.. noone other than Minerva!

Happy Sting

Is something getting bigger?

First of all, for those who are familiar with Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, I want to mention that the Minerva's voice actor is the one who also voiced Lust from the above mentioned series! Second.. Minerva's looks in anime. As everyone probably noticed, her attire was considerably simplified, removing the tiger or whatever. I also thought she'd look purple.. guess it was to match her blue make-up. That aside, her animation wasn't too bad.

Moving along with the story, Minerva reveals that she kidnapped Happy and forces Natsu to leave. Now, I don't feel like commenting the following discussion among Team FT A.. Basically, Natsu tells them what happened and they're like 'Baka.. /facepalm'.

Millianna for Pandemonium

Millianna: I want to showcase my chest!
Kagura: I will allow it...

Anyway, the next day starts and we have Chapati with a blond wig introducing Lahar as the third day's guest judge. We can also see Doranbolt tagging along. Chapati then proceeds to announce the participants for the third day's event, Pandemonium. Orga, Jura, Hibiki, Obra, Millianna, Novally, Cana and finally, Erza.

Mato then proceeds to explain the event's rules, showcasing them the abilities of the monsters they're supposed to defeat. Basically, they spend half an episode talking about how the judgement and pacing are important. Screw that, 'cause Erza decides to challenge all the 100 monsters!

Erza challenges 100 monsters

Overall Impressions

So first of all, I get a feeling that the animation as whole is improving. Dobengal's ninja stuff was nicely done as well, I give them props for making the extension that short since he was meant to be defeated in one hit, which ultimately happened. Then, Minerva. I mentioned her looks in the section above so I'll just comment her magic. I wondered how the wave thingy would look in anime. I can't say that I'm amazed but it was still done nicely. The Pandemonium set up wasn't bad either. So overall, a satisfying episode, I'd say.


Random Thoughts

- So what the hell is that Rainbow-like Magic? Does it turn his arms into rainbows? <.<
- Minerva's make-up? A friend of mine mentioned a teacher from her elementary school who would use the same blue ... That's.. rather disturbing. The things women put on their faces...
- Natsu keeps making everyone cry, it was Yukino last episode and now Happy. What a jerk!
- I like how they're using some old bits to extend stuff. This time, it was the pillow fight.
- Wendy and Romeo are late.. together? ;D
- Erza making epic faces in both anime and manga this week. Everyone else's wtf faces are priceless!

So what do you think about this episode? Let us know in the comments ;D Thank you.

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