Straight to the point, maybe I should change my avatar to Carla, because I totally knew how exactly would this episode end up. What I'm about to say is something I thought of before actually watching the episode, but it fits so well that I'm going into prophecy business soon.

So first of all, I thought that I shouldn't complain about the extensions and what not, it's obvious that they're trying to waste the time not to catch up too quickly with the manga. However, I realized that this shouldn't be an excuse for absolutely horrid and meaningless flashbacks we've gotten in this episode. To start, what the hell was the point of the kidnapping recap and Natsu beating the hell out of the kidnappers? That was so out of the place that I don't even know where to begin. Not only it happened a few episodes ago, it wasn't even related to the events of this and the last episode as well. After the opening (OMG! It's gonna change the next week, right?! Edit: Nvm, one more week... /fail), there's ... I dunno what to call it? The Pumpkin mascot a.k.a. The Fiore's King Mato spouts some random stuff, advertising the Grand Magic Games' third day while random people (mostly cats) interfere. Well, at least Frosch was cute...

Frosch won't disappear

"Yay! Cookies!"

Moving along, we go back to the Sabertooth's lodgings, where Jiemma asks Yukino to take off her clothes and then erase her guild stamp. Poor her :c Afterwards, Sting is being a jerk and Rogue slowly awakens his nakama feelings. Frosch is cute again ;D

Millianna creep

*insert evil villain laugh*

Oh hey, another recap. 'Cause I'm retarded and don't remember that Millianna and Erza met last episode. Well, at least this one wasn't out of place. So Millianna and Erza continue talking, mentioning Kagura. Millianna then reveals that Kagura's Archenemy is meant for killing Jellal and claims that's her reason for joining Kagura's guild. Because she hates Jellal as well. This scene was rather well done, with the soundtrack and all. Later, Erza gets another flashback from the last episode Erza remembers her discussion with Jellal and thinks about everything.

Anyway. Surprisingly, Yukino visits Lucy and offers her the two golden keys, Libra and Pisces, while keeping the 13th key just for herself, huh?. Another surprise - Lucy doesn't accept her offer, knowing that she can't destroy the bond Yukino has with her spirits. Natsu then attempts to apologize for thinking she was a bad person, just to make her cry what a jerk!. Yukino reveals to Natsu and Happy the way she was kicked out of Sabertooth. Elsewhere, Erza and Gray discuss Juvia lol and Arcadios is creepy.

Natsu vs. Sabertooth

"Hey guys.. umm.. your door seems to be broken.."

So how is this not-so-good episode gonna end? Of course, enraged Natsu attacks Sabertooth's lodging, claiming that if he beats Jiemma, the master will have to quit the guild! Yay.

Overall, I'm not very pleased with the episode. Besides the points mentioned above, the animation wasn't that awesome either. Only the soundtracks were saving it, as always.. Well, let's hope for the better next week!

What do you think about this episode? Share your thoughts!

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