So we continue with the story of the Grand Magic Games arc! Last episode ended with Kagura preparing to face Yukino, so this is what the new episode focuses on.

Well, what to say? I suppose my expectations were too high, so I was slightly disappointed. First of all, The reactions of the spectators took more time than the fight itself! No, I didn't count or anything but that's the impression I got when watching. Secondly, the fight itself seemed.. I dunno.. slow? Not so exciting as I expected? Especially the second half of it.

Pisces summoned

They look like horses' heads, not fish (._.)

Pisces' summoning was actually nicely done. I liked how it flew around the whole stadium and so on! I also smiled at Team Natsu's imagination, it reminded me of them doing the same when Lucy received Sagittarius. Afterwards, Kagura dodging Pisces' attacks was awesome as well. The epic soundtracks were doing 50% of the work, however, the animation was rather nice too. Yukino further using Libra to smash Kagura onto a statue wasn't too needed in my opinion. You could say it made the fight look less one sided, for a while that is. Kagura easily cancels out Libra's magic and uses her own one to smash both Celestial Spirits onto the ground! Again, we get to hear a lot of people's useless opinion about the fight, especially when Yukino pulls out a mysterious key of the 13th gate.

Kagura wins the match

And so, Kagura turns Yukino into an octopus...

So Yukino summons a giant snake-ish celestial spirit whose name's spelling I can't for the love of the God remember. I for one didn't really understand making everything purple. Were they trying to scare little kids off? It worked well with Jellal's Sema (not scaring off, I mean it looked good), but not here. Anyway, Kagura is not moved at all and simply slices Snake with her Archenemy, proceeding to attack Yukino as well, while everyone was shocked. Now this was the biggest disappointment for me, we didn't see Kagura hitting Yukino or anything, there was no shockwave (why else did the judges and their hair fall down?), nothing. Well, Kagura is the winner and the second day ends.

Millianna reveals herself

'Hey Erza, did you know that the moon here is actually a giant egg?'

Now, it seems like the anime is following different pacing than manga, giving us bits of Erza meeting with Millianna and Jiemma yelling at everyone. O, I should also mention that I loved the little filler with Bacchus, especially Team Natsu's FUOH (stop translating it as 'four'...).

Overall, the episode was not bad. However, I expected a bit more. 7,5/10.

Comments are welcome!

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