Looking at my previous blog, I realized I just type too much. Making it shorter this time!

A recap in a recap? Yep, Fairy Tail has managed to pull that off, giving us the end of the last episode again, along with some 'In case you forgot what GMG is' scene. I hope they won't do this often, otherwise this is gonna turn into Bleach.

Kurohebi's evil personality

Kurohebi, tearing panties socks since episode 162

Anyway, the fight between Kurohebi (they need to stop translating it into 'Blacksnake'...) and Toby concludes with Kurohebi's devastating win, not only that, Toby's secret, his sock, is also torn. How cruel, right, Erza? Those were some funny reactions from the spectators. Elsewhere, Natsu saves Wendy, Carla and Porlyusica, while Arcadios is plotting something with Eclipse plan. Where else did we hear that, I wonder...?

Seven Instaneous Strikes


Now onto the main event of this episode, Elfman vs. Bacchus! Personally, I found the episode rather uninteresting until Bacchus drank from his bottle, accompanied by new awesome soundtrack and started attacking Elfman. That was epic. The episode ends with Elfman's surprising win, although the lack of visible injuries made that less awesome than in manga.

So this episode gets 8/10 from me! Despite the uninteresting beginning, the episode turned out to be quite nice thanks to the not-so-bad animation, comedy and Elfman's fight.

P.S. It seems like we'll be getting a lot of filler fanservice next episode..

Comments are welcome!

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