Hi! Welcome to one of my reviews. This time it's the 160th episode of Fairy Tail anime, Bad Omen.

Instead of repeating it every second sentence, I'll say it in the beginning - MORE NEW SOUNDTRACKS! Throughout the whole episode! We also get to hear some of the old ones. Man, I'm so looking forward to the new OST. It needs to hurry up!

The episode starts with Erza questioning Lucy's state and Natsu being a pervert. That was somewhat funny. In the end, it's battle > naked Lucy for Natsu, since it's battle what 'gets his blood pumping'. Poor Lucy.

Ren hit by Web Shot

That's a spider web. Spider web. Not... something else.

So the battles continue, with Ren facing Arania Web. After some talking, Sherry distracts Ren so Arania takes the opportunity to use her magic to attack him. Isn't it quite surprising that she uses spider webs? (That was sarcasm.) Anyway, I'm a bit surprised the anime hasn't extended this battle. They could've even made Arania summon spiders or something! Anything! Instead, Ren denies his and Sherry's engagement (I don't think any woman would like that...), but in the end, he claims that when she's not around, he 'can't get into it'. Well duh. Split personality? Nah, tsundere. So Arania loses to Ren's Aerial Phose.

Natsu vs. Ichiya. THAT would be... interesting ... okay, maybe not. But after hearing about Ichiya's power, Natsu suddenly wants to fight him. Poor Lucy, he would prefer Ichiya over her. They also questions the person in the bunny suit. Who knows who's inside...

Warcry's defeat

Fried tears. Haha

Now, onto the next match, Orga vs. War Cry. Anime :@ Why didn't you animate this shot? I so wanted to change Orga's profile image... Sting claims that War Cry's magic is quite interesting but all Rogue wants is Gajeel. So sweet, isn't it? :) Lector calls Frosch dumb which Frosch agreed with. He (or she? Chaos?) is quite cute. In the end, War Cry's magic is... a Tear Magic. More tears = more power, or so he says. We never found out because Orga instantly fried him with his Black Lightning Sphere. I'm surprised because I thought Black Lightning would be animated completely... well you know, black. I'm not going to comment Orga's singing or rapping or whatever it was.

Jura vs. Jellal

Even so, this match was quite good

Final match incoming! And it's... Jura vs. Jellal! And Mavis needs to use a restroom. That just screams 'epic', right? The match, not Mavis' needs. So let's see what happens. As they enter the stage, we see all the losing FT members being upset. Jellal claims nothing can make him happier than fighting for Fairy Tail. Poor Erza. Meanwhile, Ultear and Meredy are surprised to see Jellal on the scene. Thank god they can't do anything to interrupt the match.. right?

The battle starts with Jellal rushing forward with Mystogan's staves. I wonder if Mystogan kept copies of his staff hidden in guild's building. Otherwise, I have no clue how Jellal got these ones. Jura, however, summons pillars which attack Jellal. He then has his staff surround Jura and performs the Sacred Song spell. The spell has almost no effect and Jura attacks, with Jellal trying to reflect the spell but failing. Realizing that Mystogan's magic is not enough, he activates Meteor, successfully hitting Jura. They attack each other until Jellal draws a magical array for his Grand Chariot but that is again blocked by Jura's spell. He then realizes Jellal's true identity.


This could be awesome...

Ultear and Meredy after Jellal's loss

... but of course, Ms. I'mTheBestTrollOfTheSeries strikes again...

Attempting to finish the battle, Jellal begins his Sema spell (Cerma? Lol@anime subs). Man, it looks so epic! It will definitely defeat Jura.. Well, no. Ultear and Meredy decide to troll him. I still don't get how Sema would blow Jellal's cover. Would it strip him naked? If it's about people recognizing the magic, the same can be said about Meteor, hell, even Jura recognized him thanks to that. Anyway, Jellal is down in a pathetic way.

Finally, we get Levy narrating the story and Carla wakes up, apparently having a bad premonition. What is it? We'll have to wait for that!


So the episode was quite good. All it did was following the manga quite closely. The animation was ok as well. Awesome soundtracks!


Comments are welcome!

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