FANDOM Hi! Welcome to my review of the latest anime episode. First of all, I'd like to say that I'm quite absent-minded and distracted right now so forgive me for any bullshit you may get to read in this blog.

Sexy Erza

I could use this as a banner for my reviews

By the way, I watched the fourth OVA in horrible quality and not-so-good subs, but it was watchable so yeah. Every minute, I wondered if it crossed the hentai line yet or not.. You can imagine.

Now, about the episode. It starts with a recap of Gray being mad. Shortly after the opening, there were Mavis and the exceed saying something which I skipped, to be honest. Again, a recap of Lucy vs. Flare match-up with...


Lucy determined to beat Flare

"Hmm... now that I think of it, have I switched off the cooker?"

Have I mentioned I love Fairy Tail's music? I probably have but here you have it again! And... Lucy is angry! I love her determination, it implies the fight we're about to see may be quite interesting. Mavis also wonders about the true aim of Raven Tail. The match starts and Lucy makes the first move, summoning Taurus.

Disappointment #1: All the spirits have their old looks. Low budget, anime? Seriously...


So yeah, these are supposed to be whirlwinds. Good job, anime

Anyway, Taurus proceeds attacking Flare, Lucy then summons Scorpio (old looks, again <.<). Flare blocks his sand attack with her hair. The way she laughed in this scene made me think that some of the VA's do really good job. Moving along, Taurus and Scorpio combine their powers for a pretty cool attack. Well, it looked pretty cool in manga, at least.. Flare attempts to counter-attack, turning her hair into a wolf. A job for Cancer, right?


Lol.. I don't even

And now, one of the most epic scenes of this episode incoming! Why? Of course, a new soundtrack! Flare gets mad and uses her hair to trap Lucy though ground and then spins her around. *epic music playing*. Lucy then uses her IHaveLongAndStupidName Whip. I have to say, the way they both spinned in the air was quite comical, if anything. Everyone comments on how Lucy seems to have the upper hand. That is until

A new soundtrack!

I mean, that is until Flare decides to be quite dirty and targets Asuka with her hair. We then see SquareNoseAzuma, mentioning Zeref. Even his voice actor reminds me of Azuma...

Lucy trapped by Flare

I don't know, this could easily turn into hentai...

Flare then continutes beating Lucy, while everyone is shocked to see it. After all, it was Lucy who was seemingly dominating in the fight until now. To save Asuka, Lucy even attempts to surrender but since Flare is an evil bitch, that does not happen and she proceeds to torture Lucy. While attempting to replace her guild symbol, everyone's favorite and beloved pink-haired main character rushes to Asuka, hearing what Lucy had said and saves her, which gives Lucy a chance to counter-attack with..

Gemini! It's been a long time since we saw them. Gemini transforms into Lucy, wearing only a towel. Everyone goes <3 - hell, even Yukino is seemingly interested - but all Orga does is yawning? Is he gay?

Lucy and Gemini&#039;s Uranometria

If only you knew how much effort and time it took me to put this image together... and it still looks horrible

Lucy begins her spell (a new soundtrack!) - Urano Metria! Hibiki comments, saying she has finally learned it. Meanwhile, Flare is scared as hell - did she shit her panties? Does she even wear panties? That is until these Raven Tail faggots decide to be completely dirty and use Obra to cancel the spell. Every. Fucking. Person. Noticed. It. Yajima, Mavis, Jura, yet nobody said anything. Oh well, Lucy is the loser of this match! Flare even proceeds making fun of her. I don't think she'll ever find a boyfriend. The episode ends with Natsu coming to Lucy, encouraging her. I bet all those NaLu fans out there had a heart attack.

Final Verdict

Lucy vs. Flare! Something I've been looking forward to ever since it appeared in manga. I had quite high expectations so I suppose it's understandable I managed to find several things I didn't like. Already mentioned - spirits in their old outfits. The spinning scene. Overall, the animation wasn't all that awesome either. A lot of 'static images' and what not. If it wasn't for the soundtracks and the other parts which were quite epic, to be honest, I wouldn't enjoy this episode.


Comments are welcome!

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