Hi! Welcome to my review of the latest Fairy Tail episode. First of all, I'd like to apologize to those who were looking forward to this review...

FT Wiki: Nobody was

Okay, I know

... for being... *calculator* 2 and a half days late. It was my birthday on Friday and the party was combined with my class' after prom party or however I should call it. So even after coming home on Sunday, I felt like shit.

Elfman and Natsu support Gray

Anime Rule #1: Make everything look retarded

Anyways, to get to the main thing. Ultear and Meredy appear, looking extremely retarded compared to this scene in manga... After the oh-so-awesome opening, the episode continues where the anime left last time, we get a CTRL+C/CTRL+V of the scene where participants were picked for the first event, Hidden. Well, as long as they don't pull Bleach and don't make the recaps half an episode long, I'm fine with it.

Next, Mavis attempts to explain the GMG rules. I say 'attempts' because, well, why would you pay attention to what she's saying when she's so cute? :D

Blablablabla, they talk, talk, talk about stuff I don't feel like typing about Did I mention Rufus' voice actually fits his gay himself?

The game starts with a town being summoned. Juvia is the first one to lose a point, since, well, 'If I can't have the real one, I'll kidnap a clone!' is quite the nice way to think.

Nullpudding prop

Quasimodo enters

Nullpudding how the hell do you spell this guy's name again? discovers Gray, Gray attacks but hits a clone instead. It's quite funny because the anime's budget must be so low that they couldn't even make the clones moving. I wonder how did Nullpudding's clone move then ;D

Nullpudding, however, keeps hitting on Gray, who is thus losing points. More of them appear, attacking each other, carrots, plants, ice, panties, kicks and so on. Juvia faces Gray, telling him that, basically, if she beats him, he'll have to give her the D. Out of all the things the B team could wish, it was the most exciting one, I suppose... That is, until Nullpudding appears and hits on Gray again attacks them, because he's jealous of Juvia trying to rape Gray More attacks happen, with snow and what not.


Proposal Rejection: Rufus Style

Afterwards, everyone notices Rufus, the gay brother of Rustyrose/Szayel is not moving at all, he hasn't attacked or been attacked yet. He activates his magic, with everyone just staring at him for several minutes, I mean, why would anyone try to rush and cancel the spell? Almost everyone is then hit with the spell, except for Nullpudding who rushes to Rufus, abandoning Gray now that he finally found someone who's also gay just to be defeated as well.

Hidden continues, with Nullpudding hitting on Gray again now that Rufus blatantly refused him. The event ends, with both FT teams being last. Gray is all emo, Lucy vs. Flare next week. Yay.

Overall, the episode...

... wasn't bad. It felt a bit dragged on to me but that was needed, I suppose. I've rewatched Rufus using his spell a few times. I absolutely LOVE the soundtrack. It makes the scene so epic!



Gray ready to fight Ultear Gray ready to fight Ultear (anime)




Stripped And Angry Gray wants revenge


Comments are welcome.

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