Welcome to my review of the latest episode!

Summary+Random Stuff

With the Sky Labyrinth event started, the Fairy Tail team is eager to go - but wait, Wendy is still missing! Omgomgomgomg *panic* *breathes heavily*. However, it's all good! Our gorilla woman with arms bigger than legs Elfman is ready to help them out. They head to the labyrinth which, in reality, is just stairs leading to every possible direction and random walls and mechanics flying around.

Lucy attempts to stop being useless and summons a penguin compass but is quickly proven to be still useless with Erza bringing an actual compass. Despite that, we still love you, Lucy, no worries.

Afterwards, it is noted that the labyrinth has been Troia'd so no pink haired idiots are ForeverSick. It is also hinted that there are more people with motion sickness. <sarcasm>I wonder who are they. Ichiya perhaps?</sarcasm>

The team proceeds forward but certain pink haired.. yeah, almost kills himself by almost falling down. That makes me think, what about all those falling stars people who fell afterwards, did they die? And what about those other people who were seen sitting on green magic circles...

Romeo wanted to participate

Uwaah! I need a haircut..

Anyway, we go to Lisanna and Happy telling others about Wendy missing. Lol @ Romeo. Back to the team, they instantly wipe out the team of Twilight Ogre. Afterwards, the labyrinth proceeds switching staircases like Hogwarts Castle spinning around. Natsu and Lucy are saved by Elfman. And then we see those already mentioned falling stars and people sitting on the green magic circles. Yay.

The team then goes stealing maps. How dirty! Too bad you can't even read them. Finally, Lucy can do something. Also...

Erza&#039;s sexy outfit




Ok, moving along. They head to... reversed landscape. I admit, I thought that was somewhat funny, as well as Lucy summoning Pyxis which was PMS'ing over Erza's compass.

Erza wins

'I'm sexy and I know it!'

Lisanna and Happy continue searching for Wendy, nobody cares about Carla, entering the palace. That's some security. The team reaches their goal just to be told that they were 8th. HAHAHAHAHA! Wendy is finally found, but something is wrong! Will she be ok?! Omgomgomgomg *panic* *breathes heavily*

And finally..

.. Well, now it's even more obvious that the anime team is going much slower. This episode contained what... half of a chapter worth material? A bit surprising but at the same time, I saw it coming.

This time, the extensions were better. I enjoyed the episode. Comedy and action, that's what Fairy Tail owns at! The soundtracks are making it even better, as usual.


No gif this time because I'm lazy.

Comments are welcome!

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