Can you guys believe it? It's been 50 episodes since the Fairy Tail anime restarted. Anyways, let's keep this nice and dandy. This episode focuses on Laxus and the Thunder God Tribe. It turns out that Laxus has caused a weird lightning phenomenon in a certain town... or has he? We have an asshole mayor that tries to use this to make some money. All ends well, maybe not for Blue Pegasus though...

Overall, this episode was... mildly entertaining? Nowhere on the level of the previous one, though. The story didn't make much sense and both the art and the animation kept switching between good and derpy. At least it was good to see more of Laxus and his team. And it looks like the upcoming episode - the last one before the Sun Village arc starts!!! - could be fun. Well, see you guys next week! Do post your opinion in the comments.

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