Hi Tristan?

So the content of the second light novel has been adapted and one can only wonder how well, since there are no translations available yet. As far as the anime goes though, it was actually enjoyable, minus the animation quality hiccup from the last week. What an episode this was though! I really enjoyed all of it, it provided literally everything. Our kururu cutie was joined by Fro thinks so too! and all one can do is to go "Awww". The suspense was really good as well, they did a nice job in making things seem dangerous, especially the battle against the sea serpent, that was fun to watch.

Erza slashes through the sea serpent

And unlike last week, everything looked great, I haven't noticed a single piece of terrible art, the animation was pretty nice as well, I mean, look at this.

In any case, it is found out that Kemokemo is, in fact, a god of plants that can neutralize a virus that the newly-appeared island is releasing. That was something I didn't see coming, so kudos to the plot writers. I can only wonder about what dropped his egg, though... An UFO?

Overall, a really entertaining episode. What are your thoughts, everyone? Next, we have a filler about Laxus and the Tribe which may hopefully be interesting. As a matter of fact, for those who don't know yet, the anime fully returns to canon on April 4, beginning with the Sun Village arc. Look forward to that~

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