So this chapter can be, imo, described with a single word: a mess. And I don't mean it in a bad way, because Irene literally fucked up all of the continent. Acnologia has been sent to only-god-knows-where (read: Irene), all of the Fairy Tail members, as well as Alvarez' forces are scattered throughout the decreased-in-size Fiore. All in all, I was pretty amused to see the Mercurius castle and Kardia right next to each other, with Irene occupying the throne as the queen she is. If you guys wondered how Erza and Irene are gonna meet up, with each of them at the other side of the continent, here is your answer.

Zeref inside Fairy Tail

Zeref vs. Mavis seems to be happening, so that's kinda hype. August, you can switch off your evil-grandpa mode now. Good fucking job Mest, not only you made an enemy outta Brandish, now that you've been transported away, there is no chance to explain it and your war prisoner is now as free as it goes.

Zera appears before Gajeel

Finally, we see Gajeel, I wonder if he is in the underworld or still in the actual world thanks to Irene, but let me just hear the screams of rage, aka, Mashima can never kill a character. Wtf, Gajeel is alive?! Lol, if you've expected Gajeel to never appear again, you're actually stupid. Heya ho, it's Zera that appears in front of Gajeel! She calls herself "one of the fairies of origin" according to Mangastream and I can only wonder if she is referring to being one of those behind Fairy Tail's creation or that's an actual thing... a fairy. Quite interesting, to be honest.

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