Im rly cri

Im cri

R.I.P. Gajeel? Reina-Musica final scene intensifies. Welp, I hope I'm not the only person who strongly believes that the final battle of the series will be all Dragon Slayers vs. Acnologia. Gajeel's plot armor is so strong that I just can't believe that Mashima is gonna eff him like this.

Gajeel thanks Levy

However! I still give him mad props for this chapter, and this battle. Idk why you all hated it last week, I didn't, quite the opposite, and this week made it into one of the best battles of the arc, if not Gajeel's best battle of the series. I don't know about you guys, but I feel that in the end, he's one of the better developed characters and his development happens through the battles, starting with his battle against Grimoire Heart lackeys. In this chapter, we get a lot of drama and quite the emotional farewell as Gajeel admits that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Levy, seeing even their kids (from the novel?) as a flash.. forward?

Meanwhile, Irene vs. Acnologia hype grows and grows... This has to be epic. Idk what Irene wants to do, I feel she's also protected by some plot armor if she is really meant to meet Erza, but obviously, Acnologia isn't gonna get hindered (too much) by some random Spriggan.

Irene faces Acnologia

And finally...








don't have anything else to tell you. You've literally created the BIGGEST fuck up in all of Fairy Tail. I can't remember a character doing something THIS stupid. Jesus Christ, August was already willing to listen to Lucy and co. and that is when you decide to have Brandish stab him?


As if that was gonna work. Lol!

Damn, that was really stupid. I think I'd have preferred the predicted Natsu-will-start-the-fight-cuz-fk-negotiations predictions. Which is quite ironic that Mest of all people would fuck it up.

August unleashes his rage

O well. Now we have an angry grandpa and a possible angry wannabe granddaughter after she comes back to her senses. Gj Mest. Rai, you can't really like him after this, can you?

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