Straight to the point! Wow, this chapter was actually pretty good. Gajeel faces Bradman and it looks like the latter is just an upgraded version of Keyes, or rather, Keyes merged with Tempester. Which I actually like since the ideas that Bradman is Shadow God/Devil Slayer were a little bit over the top.

Gajeel after headbutting Bloodman

Meanwhile, Mashima's play with the chapter titles continues as Irene dubs Saber and Pegasus as the first guests, Fairies as the second. As - I want to say everyone, but I honestly wasn't paying attention to everyone's predictions - I expected, the third guest ends up to be the remnants of Oracion Seis, now part of Crime Sorciere. Yukino/Sorano reunion incoming~ Lol @ Cobra's motion sickness.

Former Oracion Seis join the war

Finally to the point, Irene reveals the fourth guest to be Acnologia, intending to take him on herself. Well... wow? I kinda didn't see that coming. Am I allowed to be excited for a possibly awesome Irene vs. Acnologia? Please, Mashima? I mean, even motherfukin' Zeref is shitting himself because of whatever Irene intends to do????

The fourth guest - Acnologia

Talking about shitting oneself, August's hype also keeps shooting through the roof as Natsu's group finally meets him, not before Brandish makes Natsu's head notdickwelp bigger, as well as Lucy's boobs. K Then.

August notices Happy

So we have

  • August
  • Irene and Acnologia
  • Gajeel vs. Bradman
  • Zeref shitting himself, still doing nothing

Oh well. But as I said, that was a pretty nice chapter. I'm actually looking forward to the next one, entitled Third Seal as the countdown to something hopefully big continues.

P.S. I don't really wanna make the OVA review until a properly subbed, HQ-ish version is out, but if you guys really wanna talk about it, then feel free to post the blog yourselves~

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