So, before I start, I want to mention one thing, especially for those who missed my rant in Jak's blog last weekend: I am utterly and absolutely disappointed with the Fairy Tail fandom. During my years of animanga, I've seen a lot, but throughout the web, FT community must be the most toxic thing I've witnessed. Furtheremore, I'm very upset that in spite of its recent precautions, Japan still allows the magazine and its chapter to be leaked to certain individuals, causing the appearance of what we call spoilers. I wish those people just kept them to themselves, alas... And that brings me back to how absolutely rotten some individuals in the fandom are. No, you do not go to a public forum and randomly post information from the upcoming chapter outside of the spoiler thread. No, you do NOT come to a wikia and post a two-line comment in a random blog that reveals the main point of the chapter. No, you DO NOT post colorings on DeviantArt of images from the spoiled chapter. If you do any of these things, you're a trash.

Juvia and Meredy join forces

I may seem like I'm hella overreacting, but the idiocy spree that started on Thursday - yes, full six days before the official release of the magazine absolutely ruined the chapter for me. For starters, it set me for some expectations that were not met all...

Kagura destroys Historia Simon

Jellal's victory. It. Was. Lame. What was the point of the night sky? Someone please enlighten me. Spoilers made it seem like a new spell, but it did... absolutely nothing. Jellal proceeded to one shot Neinhart with Grand Chariot. Okay, I'm guessing this was a way to hype Jellal's current strength since lately, he hasn't been been able to show any of it, and if he struggled against someone like Neinhart (getting knocked unconscious by a simple blast two chapters ago was still lame, though ^_^), who seems to be physically very weak, like every summoner/hax magic user in the series, so for that very reason, Neinhart was a wrong opponent to make this happen in a nice way. But I guess that still leaves an option for Jellal to take on a stronger Spriggan or even Zeref himself in the future. Plus points to Kagura for getting rid of Simon. You did something, finally.

Jellal defeats Neinhart

Then the one shot galore continues. Reminds you of the end of Grand Magic Games, doesn't it? I won't even complain about all these one shots, I have no energy left for that, in fact, I thought the Meredy/Juvia combo was nice even though I have no idea what it did (yet again), but why in the blue hell did Gray finish his fight with Demon Slaying Magic? Wasn't the point to face Ur with the magic that she taught them? Why didn't he eat her ice sooner, or something? Whatever...

Irene Belserion

Finally, we have the revelation of Eileen/Irene, someone who seems to be related to Erza, being the strongest female among the Spriggan, on par with August. Man, North is so fucked. Mira is gonna get used as a hyping tool again and will utterly lose to this Spriggan, watch my words.

And... that's it. Since this week is a double-issue, officially, there is no chapter next week, but since these goddamn leaks happen randomly, maybe we will get something mid-week or idk.

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