Damn you, Mashima. <___< First Wendy, now Natsu. Cancer's becoming a bad plot device at this point. Are you too lazy to keep drawing the new looks? Aanyways, the chapter went pretty much as expected. Hisui just kept giggling over Natsu's destruction, because apparently it's completely fine to melt an entire stadium, one of the symbols of the capital, as well as endanger everyone around.

Natsu and Happy leave unpunished
I'll miss you, long hair...

So Natsu and Happy learn that Fairy Tail has disbanded. I find it really interesting that Makarov is missing. Where is he? What is he doing? Is he with the crystalized loli? ._. And one more thing, I love how Lucy shot Natsu down, telling him that he didn't give a shit about the guild either. That was great. Not as great as Cancer cutting Natsu's hair afterwards, though. @_@ Anyways, Natsu also finds out that Lucy has become a stalker and decides that the best way to get everyone together is by burning the castle. GG.

The Message of Fire
Perfect idea, Natsu

Overall, the chapter was average for me. Natsu shows no development so far, which is little upsetting, but I don't know why I expected otherwise. Well, let's see what's in store for us next week. Lamia Scale?!

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