Hey guys, Misk here. I haven't written any review for a while, so I thought I should change that. Well then, let me start...

First, the chapter 404. After previous week's of what many considered a disappointment, we return to Erza defying last bits of logic that this manga has left. However, as some of us noted last week and one of awesome anons explained, pain sensors =/= touch sense and that's what Kyouka's Curse did - got rid of Erza's senses while amplifying her pain. However, looks like Mashima wants to amuse us even more and provides another explanation - which I'm sure Ultra would've loved even more as it's done through Happy - that being, "It's Erza!"

Erza and Kyôka's final stand
No senses, just pain... yet she stands~

Okay then~ Let's not comment on that one. Erza continues attacking Kyouka, constantly feeling pain, to the point that she feels like part of her body has been torn off after one of Kyouka's attacks. I must say, this pain thing makes the whole thing much more enjoyable... I just realized this sentence makes me look like a sadist, but I hope everyone gets what I mean. >:C Basically, Kyouka still does some damage, and the fight continues for a while till Erza brings out her blade and Kyouka falls down, realizing that Erza is just too strong.

Erza slashes through Kyôka
Kyouka falls to Erza's sword

However! The Face timer doesn't stop and Erza finally falls down. Seeing this, Minerva stands up, grabs the friggin' sword and just stabs the Demon, like the biatch she is. >:C But guess what, even this doesn't help and everyone watches as the timer reaches 00:00, seemingly activating the Face.

Minerva stabs Kyôka
Take dat, madakafa >:C

Well, now, let me steel this thingy~

The Good

  • The fight is over. ( ._.)/
  • Face is seemingly activated.
  • Minerva. I loved that she finally did something and she was epic in doing it, too

The Bad

  • I... am armored against the bullshit with senses, so I wasn't even bothered that Erza was even capable of fighting, but let's put it here.
  • Happy. He annoyed me. I don't even know why.

And that's it. What does everyone think about the chapter? Do share. Next week, we enter part 6, seemingly called Magna Carta. What do you guys think it may signify? Comment away~ Thanks for reading.

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