Gray injured by Silver

That... looks painful

Well, what to say. The chapter was pretty clever. Mashima wastes no space and we don't even get a usual chapter cover, as things immediately focus on Gray and Deliora. It is revealed that ice has no effect on Deliora due to his Ice Devil Slaying Magic and a rather worried Juvia listens to Keith's brief explanation. I have to say I like seeing her serious expressions, I hope she is given a proper battle in this arc.

Anyways, back to Gray, who is seen cut by ice in a rather epic way. His attack has no effect again and he ends up taking the roar-like spell. However, he doesn't stop thinking and uses other objects to attack, baiting Deliora into freezing their surroundings. Gray, once again, cleverly does what he did in Sun Village...

Misk: Omg no! That is way too fast, don't be defeated yet!

... but Deliora emerges more or less without any major injuries.

Misk: Whew ( _ _)

In any case, the battle is far from over! Keep it up, Mashima, things are quite interesting. ^.^

Gray uses Silver's ice


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