Okay, there do I begin with this awesomness of a chapter?

First, let me mention the cover of the Weekly Shounen Magazine. I'm probably going to say it a lot in this blog, but Mashima's art is brilliant and I'm absolutely loving what I'm seeing there.

Silver reveals his true identity as Deliora

Well, that was good

Second, the actual chapter cover. A bunch of characters, I can already see the pain when adding this to galleries. Anyways, I really wonder what Natsu Festival, as well as - I'm sorry Mangapanda, but I do NOT trust your translation of numbers, because on that page alone, you've gotten at least one number wrong, and that is the date of Fairy Tail Monthly - four new spin-off series are. Yes, I was right, the number 4 is bullshit. I'd love to have an original Rave art too. T_T

Finally, onto the chapter. Every page is quite the awesomness. I'm your father. (~ ._.)~ However, as I hoped for, it's not just this simple! Silver reveals that, in fact, he is motherfukin' Deliora revived by Tartarus' Hell Core, having been using the dead body of Gray's father this whole time. I kind of expected the whole dead body usage and what not, but him being Deliora is a twist I didn't see coming and I commend Mashima for it.

Meanwhile, I loved the Natsu-Gajeel combo in spite of being ineffective, Juvia is mad. The Twin Dragon Slayers' fight is still a stalemate and Mard is still one of the worse villains of this arc, so let's move along. A redeemed Minerva - I am not even mad anymore - rips out Happy's Franmalth mushroom and, supported by my laughter, intends to question him.

All of this is supported by Mashima's brilliant art. The Gray and Silver panels were just beautiful.

By now, you can probably tell that I like this chapter.

Natsu reassures Lucy


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