A short review from me since I've got a few comments about the chapter.


Well then! We've got a cover with a sexy Erza. What more can a man wish for? *ahem* Anyway, onto the chapter. While looking at 2k troll Faces, Wendy cuts her hair - I'm like whao - and shows off her determination to keep fighting.

Meanwhile, at the main dish of this chapter, Erza and Minerva continue fighting. Much to my surprise - and little bit of discontent, perhaps? - the fight is more a battle of words rather than a clash. Okay, Minerva cleverly uses Territory, but Erza doesn't even care enough to change from her I-win-it-all-nakama attire. We get a short Minerva flashback - Father and Child anyone? Take it, Silver and Gray theories!

However, while the whole battle is somewhat anticlimactic as Minerva suddenly wants to die, Mard Geer arrives to clean up the garbage - hey man, she's your madafaka nakama, aren't you supposed to aim for Erza? Also, what in the bloody hell is your Curse this time?

Well, no matter, because the best moment of the chapter happens and we have freakin' Sting and Rogue - the latter sporting quite the Yato hairstyle - arriving to save Minerva!

Sting and Rogue rescue Minerva

Final Verdict

About time. Finally, someone other than Fairy Tail joins the battle! That makes me extremely happy and I hope a few more people arrive. I wouldn't mind seeing Jura or Kagura again!

However, the whole Minerva conflict has been resolved rather abruptly. I suppose she will return to Sabertooth while becoming an Erza fangirl. ( ._.)


Comments are welcome!

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