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Lucy stands up to fight Jackal

Lucy: "In this fight, I'm cosplaying Wendy!"

First, the cover. We've got Natsu-bro and Wendy-sis (sorry, I'm not gonna ship these two...) as well as Happy and Carla. (feel free to ship these, but Carla x Lector ftw.!!!) Regardless, a cute one.

So the Cube is falling down, and while I'm wondering if Magnolia is no longer below it, most of the Nine Demon Gates are like dafuq. Getting myself through numerous typos - ggwp, Mangapanda - we see Mard facing the King. Can I just mention how annoying it was to type the Celestial Spirit King in the summaries I did just a little while ago? Shorten your name, mate! Anyway, it's made apparent that the two have met each other before, the King recognizes Mard's book and the two head to finish their fight.

Both of them showcase a bit of their abilities, Mard's using his Thorn Curse, while the King uses his huge-ass blade to create huge destruction - let me smile for a moment and hope that Magnolia wasn't, again, in the way of that linear nuke.

Meanwhile, Lucy apparently gains a new ability - I hope it's permanent, she needs it - and thanks to the King, uses Aquarius' water to protect herself, as well as increase her Magic Power. She gets an attire change because whythefucknot, as well as a cool tattoo - she needs to keep it too. Poor Jackal, because Lucy's Urano Metria then wipes the floor with him.

Lucy hits Jackal with Urano Metria

Final Verdict

Mashima continues the streak and this is like 4th awesome chapter in a row. There's not much left for me to say as I expressed most of what I thought in the text above, so yeah. Good chapter is good. I'm glad people like Wendy and Lucy got their time in this arc. Poor Mira, tho...


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