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Why hello there! With Raven busy, it's time for me to temporarily jump in with the weekly manga reviews. Not only that, look forward to the anime reviews starting tomorrow! If you can't wait till I type out huge blogs, feel free to check my Twitter where I more than often post short commentaries not just about Fairy Tail, but also any other series that I follow and even various anime and manga news! /shamelessadvertising


Omg! So that's the Bessatsu Shonen art that Mashima was talking about earlier! It's awesome :P And so is the cover. Lovely Erza there! Onto the chapter, though! The Fairies realize that Wendy and Carla managed to stop Face's activation, much to Franmalth's... sweating? Uh, well, okay, so he tries to steal the group's souls and for that, he uses Hades' Amaterasu, causing a huge explosion. Meanwhile, Kyouka retreats and instead Neo Minerva (Neo..? <_<) appears to confront Erza. I wonder who will face Kyouka now, though. Or maybe E.N.D. will eat her after she wakes him up, or something...

Back to Natsu and co. who are seen lying on the ground after the Amaterasu spell. Franmalth finally attempts to take their souls and we spend a few pages on why they want to keep their souls. Well, yay. In her last moments, Lucy at least tries to close the gate of Taurus that Franmalth has absorbed and wha! Entire Franmalth is being sent to the Spirit World! The demon lets Taurus leave his body and Lucy repeats the situation with Aries. As clever as she is, she attempts to "close the gate of Natsu", freeing the Dragon Slayer in process. Natsu then uses something without soul - poor rock, Mashima didn't give it one - and beats the Demon with it. However, not all is over as the soul of Hades appears, warning the group of Tartarus' real intentions...

Final Verdict

Okay, I don't know about you guys, but I loved the chapter! A lot of development on several fronts. Minerva finally confronts Erza. I can't wait to see what she's capable of now, and that possible counter against Nakagami Armor that she had mentioned earlier. Meanwhile, Franmalth is finally beaten, I had enough of the guy so it's quite welcome. And I loved Lucy's involvement in this! She used one of her most important assets - no, not boobs, but her brains to outwit the Demon! Likewise, Natsu caught on and took the use of a soul-less object to finally defeat Franmalth. And the last page! It was nice seeing the real Hades, even for a moment and his words were quite interesting!


Comments are welcome. And don't forget to check again today (or tomorrow, yay timezones) for the new anime!

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