Hahaha! The sudden urge to make a review has been growing in the last few weeks (wait! That means it's not sudden...), so here goes!


Gray intervenes

Yay! I hope this will be interesting ( ^_^)

Well then! We have Keith (look at both Panda and Stream using our romanization now :P) standing before Lucy and Wendy. As if the situation wasn't dire enough, Franmalth also appears, which suprised me a little, because he gave off an impression of a sneaky bastard, one who hides just to plan and ambush his enemy. Regardless, Lucy summons Aries and Taurus (how long has it been?) to distract the two Hell Gates. The two girls manage to use this moment and attempt to escape, however, they bump into Keith yet again. Teleportation? Or he just used a shortcut? In any case, I'm liking the guy. Can't wait to see him in action! This wish almost came true, however, Gray appears out of nowhere and punches Keith, who, seemingly, dematerializes himself. While Lucy and Wendy rush to stop the activation of Face, Keith recognizes Gray to be Silver's...


Silver's WHAT?! My God, can we finally find out? Don't make this into Tobi-thing.

Natsu intervenes

Well... This has less potential to be interesting, but one can hope ( ^_^)/

Anyway, this time, Lucy and Wendy happen upon Franmalth, who, as it appears, has merged with Aries. Well, that's great. Wendy heads for Face while Natsu, appearing out of nowhere (yay, another one), interferes with Franmalth's intention to stop the little Dragon Slayer. Franmalth then reveals that he has absorbed Taurus as well, taking on his appearance. Silly Demon then tries to use the Spirits against Natsu, however, only Aries works as Natsu has no qualms when it comes to beating the Cow. That made me chuckle. In any case, Franmalth is ready to show off the most powerful soul he has stolen, and Natsu and co. watch as ominous aura surrounds the Demon, revealing a familiar someone...

Final Verdict

It was nice seeing the spirits after such long time, and the combination attack was quite cool. Regardless, as I mentioned earlier, Keith is turning out to be rather interesting, please don't crush my hopes, Mashima! Franmalth's ability is quite intriguing as well. Can't wait to see his "most powerful soul" in action. All in all, a pretty solid chapter.

Random Tidbits

  • Lovely cover! Happy Natsu with Happy (yay puns), it's somewhat nostalgic. Reminds me of the early parts of the series.
  • "Poison Jelly Valley", well, that sounds like quite the place you want to come to for vacation...
  • Why hello there Natsu... May I know where the shop you got your new clothes from is? Seems like Tartarus has some business going on inside the Cube. Ha.
  • I can't get rid of the feeling that Lucy & Natsu vs. Franmalth is the Kain Hikaru battle all over again. Though it's certain this one is more serious.
  • Talking about serious... LOL @ the 'rat' exchange.
  • Hades? IS THIS HADES?!
Keyes activating his Curse

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