Like hell I won't review this chapter...


Jellal reveals his purpose

Crime Sorciere gains new members ^_^

So Risley -prefers- her chubby form. That's unique. xD Anyways, onto the chapter! Zero has completely destroyed Jellal, leaving absolutely nothing of his body, except for whatever that thing that fell behind Meredy was. However, as many of us guessed last week, Midnight's smile was indeed significant and it is revealed that Brain is still lying on the ground, seemingly dead. Jellal has, apparently, destroyed his own eyes to get rid of Midnight's nightmare... I won't get into whether doing so dispelled it completely for everyone or he was the only one affected the whole time (dafuq, Meredy?!) as my headache would just get worse.

This is when things get epic as Jellal finally gets serious. We get to see the ever-awesome Grand Chariot. But that's not all! As Cobra and co. are getting crushed by the previous spells, Jellal goes into the infamous pose...


We finally see its full effect! *dances around* Yay! And it causes a freakin' meteor fall down. Wouldn't this like, completely destroy the Grand Magic Games stadium hadn't Ultear stopped him back then..? Well, no matter because Oracion Seis is down. They question Jellal whether he will kill them or even send them back to prison, however, Jellal invites them to join Crime Sorciere. Solely for the purpose of defeating Zeref.

Meanwhile, Crawford pulls a bullshit of the year. With his o-so-great Super Archive, he transfers the seal from Jellal onto him. I'm not gonna question how random this was, but lol, he effectively commited suicide by doing so. ^_^ As Kyouka arrives (my god, she surely gets around... What happened to torturing Erza?) and stabs Santa with her whateveritwas, breaking the seal of Face.

Final Verdict

Has this felt extremely short to you as well? Because as much as I loved Jellal legitimately owning Oracion Seis, the chapter ended as soon as it started. That aside, the reveal of Sema alone makes this chapter epic.

Jellal readies to cast Sema


Comments are welcome :)

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