Hahaha I'm here again with another review ... Can anyone blame me, after this chapter?


Ultra Concentrated Light Sphere

"Here you go, Elfman.. Some balls for you!"

This chapter starts where the last one ended... Elfman arrives to the guild, but unbeknownst to others, he is under Sayla's influence. Go Cana! I must say I really liked when she told Elfman off. Right now, the guy is shaping into the failure of a man. Although I suppose you can't blame him. And this is when the things become exciting as it's revealed via the flashback that Sayla is having Elfman to nuke the entire guild with a lacryma. Uhuh. It's quite unclear whether he is fully under Sayla's control, but I wonder what Elfman would do if Mirajane was still present in the guild. Pick his younger sister or his older sister...? In any case, it appears that Cana may be able to interfere with Sayla's evildoing.

Meanwhile, we find Natsu and Lisanna in quite the weird position... Ahem... No, it's not what you think. Long story short, after Lisanna fails to break Natsu's cuffs, Silver appears, giving Lisanna a piece of clothing. How nice. Natsu, on the other hand, continues claiming that Silver smells like Gray. I beg you Mashima, don't make Silver to be a Future Gray. At the same time, Crawford and Franmalth continue being creepy while looking for Jellal. Well, good luck. Or not. We then shift to yet another scene in Kyouka's yuri dungeon, where Erza continues to be tortured by Yakgstojsetoswhatever. Man, I feel sorry for Erza. Kyouka apparently thinks that torture will make one reveal something they don't know. Ah well.

Finally, in the final part of the chapter, Jellal swears to defeat the Oracion Seis in order to free them. Man, I have a suggestion. How about telling them to join him otherwise the entire continent will be wiped out of magic? I dunno, that might have an effect... Either way, Zero gets up, claiming Jellal will be the one to disappear and - contrary to my expectations and hopes for exciting Jellal vs. Zero fight - Jellal gets KOed by Zero's attack. I think we all will hear a loud scream as soon as a certain vegetable manages to connect to the internet. In any case, Meredy tries to help - about time - but to no avail as Zero crushes Jellal into the ground, right in front of her. Poor Meredy... First Ultear, now (possibly) Jellal.

Final Verdict

Maaaaan. This was yet another exciting chapter. You're on roll, Mashima. I don't really have much to say, I'm eagerly looking forward to the upcoming chapters. If this keeps up, this may as well become the best Fairy Tail arc. But let's pretend I didn't say this, I don't want to jinx it...

Jellal gets penetrated


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