Why hello there... Missed my reviews? No? Well too bad as you're gonna have to put up with them weekly, starting in April. Is everyone looking forward to the new anime like me? :3 This week, I'm simply jumping in for Raven who said he wouldn't be able to do a review this week.


Natsu and Lisanna imprisoned

Well... That escalated quickly...

So contrary the popular beliefs, the chapter doesn't shift straight to Jellal, but rather showcases, as some of us predicted, a naked Natsu being thrown into jail. Much to everyone's surprise, Lisanna is also there - and guess what, she has no clothes either. As much as Tartarus hates humans, they surely do like seeing them in... all their beauty. After some yada yada, we go to Kyouka and Sayla discussing stuff. Apparently, the ex-chairman can use Super Archive - how cliche - and Sayla's ability is called Macro as well.

"Come, Sayla, it has been a while since I took care of you."

Wat. I say wat?! Just what is this implying...

Jellal strikes Racer

*hears eternal fangirl screaming*

Anyway, we finally move to Jellal and OS. The CS Mage insists on dealing with OS on his own, managing to deal some major blows while Brain's seal seems to be undone yet again. And... that's it. So why was this chapter titled this way? A few days ago I joked that Jellal would get the same treatment as back then Laxus in Laxus vs. Jura and get only a few pages of the chapter, almost leading into my brutal murder by Carry, though ironically enough, it really came true. Why not call this Fairies Struggle or Human Weakness or Sayla and Kyouka Lesbian Act- I mean, yeah...

So in the final part of the chapter, Happy manages to arrive to the guild - did Silver just let him...? - to tell everyone about what happened. He also reveals that Tartarus' base is on a flying cube - lol - before Elfman also returns, clearly affected by Sayla's evildoing....

Final Verdict

So then, the chapter was quite balanced... Fanservice for girls, fanservice for boys, fanservice for Carry, fanservice for lesbian action lover- I mean, the story also moved and contrary to many predictions, Natsu didn't instantly break out of Tartarus, so that's just a plus. So yeah, nice chapter. Mashima continues dishing out one interesting chapter after another so I have hopes he doesn't screw up later.

Seilah's smile


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