Hello hello... Missed my reviews? No? Can't blame you. Anyways, I'm back this week with a review of the latest chapter due to shocking events... or are they?


Finally, we go to the location of Erza, Jellal ...


Ultear Interferes Millianna&#039;s Hatred

Wtf are you doing there...?

... and Milianna. Erza tells Millianna that she has forgiven Jellal, which Millianna cannot seem to accept so easily... And that's when Ultear appears.

Lolwut? Wasn't she glaring at present Rogue? /confused

Okay, moving along, Ultear confirms that she's the bitch and tells Millianna to take on her if she survives this. Jellal and Millianna are clearly confused about the ways this world works but Erza tells them to suck it up and continue living. Near their location however, there is Kagura ...


... watching them, seemingly confused as well, resheathing her Archenemy....

Twin Dragon Slayers Revived

"The light would surely kill me" ... Yeah right, the Dragon forgot to tell you that you will devour Sting

Anyway, we then get to watch Ultear's thoughts, which are quite confusing as well. Elsewhere, Rogue, also confused, sees Sting's arrival and asks him whether he has already taken one Dragon down, to which Sting, with Natsu-like smile, replies that he has brought him along just as the Dragon, seemingly called Scissor Runner crashes through the building... The other Dragon is apparently called Revire. Uh, okay... The Twin Dragon Slayers team up against the two Dragons, just as Rogue thinks that the light will kill him if he turns evil... Well, let's just hope that the shadow won't devour the light. *stares*

Back to Ultear, who is whining about being unable to kill an innocent person to save several millions of people. Not as innocent now, is he?

Finally, the third Witch's sin, Meredy, appears at Juvia's location, looking for Ultear. Gray then decides to chat with Juvia 'cause it's not like they're being attacked by bunch of monsters. One of them charges at Juvia, however, she is pushed away by Gray... because her body is not made of water at all ... and Gray takes the hit.


*checks the location on my own body*

Did the laser just go... through his heart? ( ._.)

Well, Makarov survived worse, right?

*pew pew*

*pew pew pew*

... Whoa, never mind. Gray's body, now full of holes falls, just to seemingly take the last hit, right to the head, much to everyone's horror, especially Juvia's. Elsewhere, Ultear claims she has no right to live anymore. Way to be useful...

Gray Saving Juvia From Hatching Laser

Final Verdict

Well then, that was quite a shocker. I'm quite interested to see how this plays out. We're dealing with time traveling here so I won't be surprised if Gray doesn't stay dead.

Anyway, I sorta dislike the way the Jellal situation ended, especially with Ultear appearing out of blue and blabbering as if she was high. I did like the bit with Kagura though. Nice to see some development with her.

However, the majority of the chapter was confusing, full of confused characters. Do notice me overusing this word ^_^

Nevertheless, it wasn't a bad chapter.


Comments are welcome.

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