Attempting to replace Raven this week~ Even so, Misk is feeling extremely lazy right now... So straight to the point!

Looks like midnight has arrived, starting the fated 7th of July day... Whoever thought that all the guilds will fight together just got punched to the face. Everyone has scattered in the town... Great, way to weaken yourselves. Meanwhile, Lucy and others stare as the gate is opening.

In the castle, Natsu and Rogue continue their fight. As they argue, Rogue keeps claiming that he "will Lucy"! Good job, Mangapanda. Natsu goes full power, unleashing his Lightning Flame Dragon Mode. However, Rogue activates his White Shadow Dragon Mode, revealing that he killed Future Sting in order to obtain his powers. While looking extremely cool, Rogue owns Natsu. As he is about to finish him off, Ultear intervenes.

So Natsu actually...

... lost in a battle?

Well, what a surprise. While Ultear and Meredy try to help Natsu, he is slowly getting captured by shadows. At the Eclipse Gate, Lucy suddenly wants to close the door. She seems to be possessed by something. Zeref? Rogue? Something else? And is Eclipse bad? What are Rogue's true intentions? We should find out soon enough!

Activating Lightning Fire Mode Against FRogue


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