I lied. My whole life is a lie. I can't resist.. Well, here is one more review...


Gruvia Defeating Lyolia

Gray and Juvia: "Let's throw an unidentifiable frozen object at them and call it a day..."

Colored pages! Juvia and Gray join as one, while Chelia is watching in amazement. Later hit by a combination of Ice Geyser and Water Nebula, Lyon and Chelia fly away Team Rocket-style. Juvia and Gray keep holding hands, though longer than Gray would like. Cute. Meanwhile, Obaba turns herself into a drill.

Nakagami Seisai

Erza to Minerva: "And this is how you do gymnastics!"

Copy-Paste! We get to see Erza donning her Nagakami Armor again while Minerva talks weird stuff.. Perhaps she's gone made for real? Anyway, Erza slashes through "space" as a random character claimed, while Levy pulls a book out of nowhere. She then tells us that nobody has been able to wear the armor for 10 years. It grants the user the power to break the Magic's rules with an invincible sword. Anyway, Erza defeats Minerva with a spell apparently called Starlight. I wished she'd get stabbed from all directions instead but this works too, I suppose.

Hisui Confirms Her Resolution

The Princess: "Man, I have even been to a hairdresser to change my hairstyle and Arcadios still hasn't caught me..."

As Fairy Tail team keeps gaining points, another random character claims that for Sabertooth to win, Sting would have to defeat all the five Fairy Tail members. Which is, apparently, his awesome plan. As he shows everyone his location, the injured Fairy Tail walks towards him. However, as they are getting ready, Sting realizes that this is not the way, and, with Mashima's epic drawing of Team Fairy Tail, he gives up. Look at that bitch crying. Everyone else rejoices as Fairy Tail wins the Grand Magic Games. Millianna brings Lector to Sting and as they happily hug, everyone smiles, including Mavis, who, however, gives a creepy expression afterwards... Elsewhere, the Princess runs towards Eclipse.

Standing In Front of Sting

Final Verdict

My expectations for this chapter were.. well, I thought I would be able to sum this review up with two memes, but the reality turned out to be slightly different. Just slightly.

I won't even bother complaining about the fights being short, especially half of them happening off-screen, I'm looking at you, Juvia and Chelia. Sting giving up after his oh-so-awesome plan being built up for so long is somewhat.. I don't know. I don't want to use the word 'pathetic', although it may fit from certain point of view. In my opinion, him realizing that he won't get Lector back that way was nice. Supported with an epic drawing of the FT's five, it was quite the nice scene. Millianna bringing sleeping Lector and his and Sting's reunion was cute. Well, now we fully head into the Eclipse plot. Let's hope it will be interesting. And I still wonder what is Mavis up to...



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