Huh.. was that sort of anticlimactic?


Jura Attacking Laxus With Stone Pillars

Your last chance to be epic, Jura.. Yeah, no.

So showdown between Laxus and Jura continues. Laxus has managed to hit Jura, surprising everyone. Then they hit each other with various spells. Mavis notices that Makarov is amazed due to Laxus' power. She claims that the youths are growing up. Anyway, rather worn-out Laxus uses Natsu's phrase. It's funny how he refers to him lately, shows how he's changed. So Laxus and Jura show quite scary faces (Kudos, Mashima). In the castle, Natsu and others continue their fight against the army and Garou Knights. Man, what a development.

Erza Cutting Through Absolute Territory


Elsewhere, Erza, heavily hurt, stands up despite her leg being rather massacred. Angrily, she claims that Minerva has hurt and pissed off the wrong people. And finally, Minerva's magic is named. Now, I can't tell if it's "Spacial Magic" or "Territory", the translation was quite confusing. Gotta wait for Chaos, I suppose. Finally, Erza cuts the bitch and as Minerva attempts to counter-attack, Erza takes off all her clothes <3 Erza unleashes her Second Origin. About time, huh? Epic armor, Erza. Just epic. Take the bitch down! Dueeet! Meanwhile, Gray and Juvia are apparently preparing something awesome. And Laxus takes Jura down with a new spell. So much for the strongest human saint, huh?

Laxus is Fired Up

Final Verdict

Sooo... where to start. Despite the chapter's name, it focused on several things. First, Erza. So she seems to be able to control her Second Origin. New armor looks awesome. Juvia and Gray's Unison Raid incoming!

Most importantly, Laxus vs. Jura. Disappointment? Maybe. Please, for the love of God - stop saying that the enemy is the greatest God of all the Gods of Power just to make them look strong when you plan on having them defeated in one hit, Mashima. That sort of annoys me lately. Mavis' speech made it a bit more bearable, but seriously. Well, at least Laxus got his time to shine. I wonder, will he become the 5th Saint now? .____.


Random Stuff

  • Millianna's ass has turned into a cat's head, I suppose!
  • Translation of Mavis' speech: Goddamnit, retire, Makarov!
  • I'm not looking forward to this in anime, as they're gonna make it even more ridiculous with not showing any injuries.
  • So I suppose that we already know who's gonna win with 'outrageous fashion'. Because this is already quite.. outrageous. I just hope that whatever comes after this will be much better because this whole GMG shit seems to be just a set-up for something major.

So what is your opinion about this chapter? Share with us!

P.S. I will most likely not post any review next week due to exams. Futhermore, I believe Raven will be back and also, with Rai's return, there is no need for me to post manga reviews anymore. So consider this to be the last one for now! I will, of course, continue anime reviews.

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