I... don't know if Raven plans to post his review this week, but since he usually makes it before I even have a chance to read the chapter.. here I go.


Tossing Titania Around

Kill her Erza! IDGAF how it happens :@

Well then! Contrary to its title, this chapter is not full of Laxus! We get bits of everyone's fights, merged with some interesting info. Arcadios is heading to the Princess, Jellal is being sexy for Carry, no homo, Frosch is cute as always. Yukino is also seen, with Mira still looking for her. As always, Sting does.. nothing. Man, is this your plan? Minerva :@ Someone stab the bitch! Also, the love square among Gray, Lyon, Chelia and Juvia keeps going on. Despite being considerably hurt, Gray realizes that they have the upper hand. Due to their elements, I guess!
One Hit Kill Against Orga

Facepalm! You're doing it.. wrong?

Elsewhere... Orga gets one shot. Well, who expected such development? Jura is a beast! Even Makarov is losing all the hope... Anyway, the Lamia Scale's master who name's spelling I never remember is finally useful and reveals some interesting info! Four Gods of Ishval? Awesome! Seems like we'll get to see them sooner or later. Anyway, Laxus and Jura hit each other and ... we will have to wait a week to see what happens!
Final Verdict

Soooo.. *looks at the summary* Either the chapter was somewhat short or I'm just too brief. Anyway, that wasn't a bad chapter. I'm not sure if I'm disappointed regarding Orga. I suppose Mashima doesn't like having threesomes for too long. Well, all the fights get a bit of development, while the whole Eclipse plot is left out in the chapter. Gods of Ishval! I'm soo looking forward to seeing them.. Mashima, you still know how to make me excited :< Keep it up!


Laxus Prepares To Fight Jura

Random Stuff

  • Finally, I realized the resemblance! Arcadios reminds me of Pantherlily wearing his Edolas armor. Now that I look at it.. I'm not quite sure why >.<
  • Inb4 Juvia x Gray Unison Raid!
  • Gods of Ishval... Ishval... Ishval!
  • And... I'm out of random stuff ._. Not sure if I am to blame the chapter or my creativity.

Either way, thanks for reading. Share your opinion about the chapter!

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