The new chapter is out! The story of the Grand Magic Games arc is slowly but surely reaching its climax.


Mirajane Heading Back To Find The Lost Duo

Mirajane: "Screw you guys, I'm going home.. bye."

Last time, we left with Rogue's Shadow awakening, ordering him to kill Rogue. However, this chapter starts with still not interesting at all events surrounding Future Lucy and Natsu's team. Future Lucy leads the way, in attempt to evade the army and successfully leave the castle. However, the opposite happens - they meet a group of soldiers who recognize them as escapees. Everyone goes /omgwtfhowisthispossible. They notice that Arcadios and Yukino are missing. How convenient. Mirajane decides that she is suddenly worried about Yukino so she will pursue her. Anyway, Natsu and Loke fight the soldiers.
Eiryu no Renjakusen

Juvia Spreading the wings of love...

Elsewhere, we finally see Rogue facing Gajeel as the former is getting possessed by his Shadow. With a sudden power up, he attacks Gajeel with everyone else wondering what happened. Gajeel attempts to fight back but Rogue uses his Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic to its fullest - turning himself into a shadow and performing several new moves to wound Gajeel. Mavis remarks that he's possessed by something, no shit and that she's never seen such a magic before. What a surprise. In the outskirts of Crocus, Jellal and others notice the magic they've been looking for. They did think it was Future Lucy's (for whatever reason..) but I wonder if they could've possibly felt Rogue..

Anyway, we go back to Team Natsu oh God, why? as they're owning the soldiers. That's it.

Back to Rogue choking Gajeel, Levy is worried that Gajeel might die, while Frosch is running to the place of the battle to 'take Rogue back'. I hope nothing bad happens to him... her, whatever. As Rogue claims that the shadow will erode Gajeel, the latter insteads eats it, saying that if Salamander can, he can too. Great amount of logic.. Oh and also, Rogue's real name is Raios and is Gajeel's former student. Now Gajeel plans to awaken Rogue's fear of him with Iron Shadow Dragon Mode... Just what is gonna happen?! We'll find out next week!

Iron Shadow Dragon Gajeel

Final Verdict

So as you probably noticed, I'm not really interested in the events of Future Lucy, though at least it's somewhat moving. Seeing the next chapter's title, we may get to find out Arcadios' true intentions in the whole plan so I hope it's gonna be interesting.

Gajeel vs. Rogue is not bad either, even though I was never particularly interested in this match-up. It's obvious that Rogue had to receive a power-up if he were to match Gajeel's power. While it was quite random, it's working. And now Gajeel copied Natsu, eating a shadow. I hope this is gonna get explained otherwise random power-ups from random elements will be... random.


Random Thoughts

- So Future Lucy leads everyone into a trap? That reminds me of something.
- "I'll lend you some of my power, Rogue!" It was a joke last time, but I REALLY suggest a doctor now...
- Shadow. Man, it must've taken ages to come up with such a unique name.
- About time there was a magic that Mavis hadn't seen before.
- D'awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, you're so cute, Frosch!
- Epic Gajeel is epic.

So what is your opinion? Tell us!

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