The new chapter is out! And we even get color pages! The first one, with Erza, Laxus, Gray, Juvia and Gajeel, and the second one talking about.. big satisfaction? It also mentions a DVD, I can only assume that it's the date of the movie release.


Natsu Thanking Future Lucy

And ten thousand fangirls have died of happiness

So Future Lucy tells everyone about the 10k dragons. Natsu prepares an armor and weapons. To War! Well, no. Carla realizes that Lucy wasn't singing but screaming. Everyone will die! Future Lucy then explains how she used Eclipse to arrive on July 4th. Then, Future Lucy wants everyone to meet Jellal. Arcadios wakes up and notes that Future Lucy was the one who advised the princess. (It was quite confusing 'cause at first I had no clue who was the one talking outside speech bubbles...) Anyway, he remembers how Eclipse 2 is basically Etherion meant to hit the dragons. However, he questions Future Lucy's lies to her friends. Just what is this about?

Moving along, Jellal also suspects Future Lucy, claiming that what she says is fake, or even that Lucy herself is a fake! How clever? It makes you happy, right, Carry? ;D

Rogue Talking To His Shadow

I suggest visiting a psychiatrist, Rogue

Elsewhere, Rogue has almost been defeated by Gajeel off-screen. Well, that's nice. Rogue reveals how he wanted to join Phantom Lord in the past due to Gajeel. However, Gajeel later joins Fairy Tail and Rogue thinks it's due to friendship. Something that Sabertooth doesn't possess. Gajeel then basically tells him that Frosch is his friend and so he should be fighting for him/her/it/Chaos.

Random powerup incoming!

Rogue suddenly hears a voice, telling him to kill Gajeel. He then realizes that it's his own shadow! Just what is this? Is it a part of his ability? Or perhaps, Minerva's or even Sting's doing? We'll have to find out in the next chapter entitled Gajeel vs. Rogue !

Final Verdict

So overall, this chapter was.. just informative, not counting the end. I still can't find the Eclipse and Future Lucy thing interesting, even after all this time. However, the plot has moved in regard to this, we're starting to doubt Lucy's credibility. I still think that the Eclipse itself will be the cause of the Apocalypse.

The second part, Gajeel vs. Rogue. Rogue being overpowered was expected. However, his random powerup wasn't. Let's see if Mashima can make it interesting enough!


Random Thoughts

- Laxus looks somewhat weird in the colored page...
- Natsu was hilarious, especially with the helmet and spears thing.
- I'm starting to like Yukino more, for no apparent reason, Arcadios is also becoming more interesting.
- Anything with Etherion involved means bad stuff...
- Are u jelly, Present Lucy?!
- I hoped for more Frosch backstory, but alas... Though what we got was interesting as well.

So what is your opinion about this chapter? Share with us in the comments! Thank you.

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