Seeing that FairyRaven is away due to his exams - let's all wish him good luck! - I hoped to at least partially cover for his chapter reviews until he is back.

So without any further ado.. The chapter starts where the last one ended. I'm ignoring Sting not doing anything. Kagura is lying on the ground, bleeding, while Erza's leg seems to be gravely injured.
Erza Enraged At Minerva's Action v2

Holy.. Mashima knows how to draw these faces

Kagura then begs Erza to save Millianna, to which Erza agrees and gets ready, however our favorite villain is one step ahead - she releases Millianna, already defeated. Not even that, it seems like Minerva was bored and used Millianna's back as a drawing board, with some kind of a blade being the pencil. I'm sorry for calling her Ultearv2, 'cause she's already overcome her as the worst bitch in the history of FT.

Elsewhere, Rogue is being overpowered by Gajeel. That's it. Laxus' and Orga' lightning is clashing as well. As many of us predicted, epic Jura joins the battle. While Laxus has his usual smirk, Orga's face clearly shows shock! Again, Juvia's fight is getting trolled, however they are interrupted by Gray and Lyon. This may be interesting.

In the castle, Team Natsu seems to be lost. Future Lucy wakes up and is used as a personal prophet, claiming that they will get captured. However, the biggest revelation of this chapter is the incoming 10000 dragons about to attack the country. While some people suspected something like this, I bet noone expected the number - isn't that overkill?

Overall, the chapter wasn't bad.
-Basically, an another set-up chapter. While that may not necessarily mean a con, no actual progress, especially in the fights, has been made.


Random thoughts:

- In the first panel of page 2, I thought Erza's leg was completely crushed o.O Seems like that was just cleaning fail.
- I wonder if Minerva's gonna be yet another villain who meets their end the same way as everyone who challenges the power of friendship and rage...
- Erza's face, awesome.
- Rogue's logic: If I'm losing to someone, I'll make them angry so I can.. lose even more.
- Jura. Omg. Jura. This shall be epic, or so I hope. Jura vs. Jellal wasn't really satisfying.
- Who wanna bet on Gray losing and Juvia going /rage ?
- The last page is showing the screen with Rogue, however I totally though that was Zeref...

So what are your thoughts about this chapter? Share in the comments! Thank you.

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