Hello there! Seeing that I'm extremely bored, no, I don't feel like doing any work, homework, cleaning up, making lunch, etc etc etc and you could say I have some kind of a deficit now that there was no episode last week, I've decided to use my shitty writing skills to write a short? review of the latest chapter.

We've waited two weeks for this one, even though mangastream said it could come earlier <.< and anyone who expected to see the three women going all out probably doesn't know Mashima well and ended up disappointed.

Carrying Future Lucy

'Hey Lucy, your ass will be bigger in the future' *grabs*

The chapter starts with the king pumpkin noting that any destruction will be repaired by tomorrow. Well, knowing Fairy Tail, they may need more than that.. Besides, the country is about to be destroyed so yea. We go back to where the future Lucy appears, shocking everyone but us, the readers, saying that she came from the future via Eclipse. Lucy wonders why it's always her. Yes, we wonder the same, no worries.

Elsewhere, the princess reveals that she already used the keys to unlock the gate. Errrm, excuse me, what? Doesn't the celestial spirit mage need to do that on their own? Isn't the mage then killed or whatever was that bullshit Arcadios spoke about earlier? I honestly feel that Mashima changed his mind about Arcadios being bad guy and the whole Eclipse thing mid-way, this just doesn't make sense.

We then switch to the threesome. As expected (Well, I dunno about you guys, but I totally expected this), Milliana is used to make Erza and Kagura face each other, while Minerva conveniently disappears. Kagura is mad. Did Mega do anything wrong last night? Well, let's move along.

Lightning God and Dragon Slayer Meets

'You know, Laxus, if we built our own power plant, we would become freakin' rich.. The humanity will always need the electricity!'

A new match-ups are born, with Gajeel meeting Rogue - hopefully we'll be able to find out why Rogue is so gay for him - and Laxus facing Orga. Oh my, what a surprise! (sarcasm) Orga is a God Slayer. I still hope that Jura turns this fight into a threesome, otherwise I have no clue who will face him. Lyon? Lol. Elsewhere, Juvia and Chelia continue their cat fight (oh the irony) and Sting is seen mentioning some kind of a strategy. What is it? Hiding whole time so noone gets the chance to beat him? <_<

Either way, the chapter was just a set up for some (hopefully) epic fights. I somewhat expected this so I'm not disappointed, but not amazed either.


Comments are welcome.

P.S. I will probably just stick to anime blogs, don't worry guys ;P

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