You know, it's almost unreal that at this point, the most useful non-FT character of this arc is... Ichiya. And booyah, Anna's plan is failing, what a surprise. What makes it even funnier is that it was Zeref himself to cockblock them.

Pegasus vs. Black Dragon

The whole thing is quite ridiculous though, I mean...

Anna: Hey I found a small asshole that sucks things in, let's throw Acno into it. O yea, it's actually hidden so that no one notices it exists

Zeref: Um, I was the one to find it, it's got a buttplug now



No wonder Jellal is so suspicious of her. Like thank god for one remotely clever character still left to question stuff.

The book is opened

And things are still moving at a snail's pace. Virtually nothing happened in this chapter yet again. No progress on Natsu's side, no progress on Lucy's side, no progress with Acnologia. Yeah, they tried to trap Acno, but it didn't work, so they're back at square one. Yeah, they opened the book, but we still have no idea what it does. Yeah, Mavis arrived and the Natsu fight continues, but still nothing happened.

Dragon Force Natsu against Zeref

I'm not even sure what to expect anymore, this is just boring. I don't even feel a tiny amount of hype seeing Dragon Force after all this time.

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