Misk: I will never make blogs again
FT Wiki: Oh.
Misk: *makes next 5 reviews*

Like, a lot of times, I get this thing when I feel like doing something after saying I won't do it... Especially when that something is an awesome episode! And the last set of episodes fits this requirement quite nicely. I'm still gonna keep this rather short. First, I have to, yet again, commend the anime team for what they're best at - and that would be emotional scenes and flashbacks connected to them. Damn, the first part with Zera disappearing, all the shots of Mavis and Zera spending the time together, that was way too good.

Young Mavis and Zera running Young Mavis and Zera fishing

Young Mavis and Zera in the forest Young Zera and Mavis cook
Young Mavis and Zera eating Young Zera and Mavis sleep

Young Zera and Mavis clean up Young Zera and Mavis watch the sunset

As for the rest of the episode, it went pretty well as well. Precht's "happy" face was.. interesting. Anyways, Mavis gets the idea of creating a guild to help Magnolia and the three hunters follow her. We also saw the... fathers? grandfathers? of Lala, Hiroshi and Drake. That was, uh, nice.

Zera hugs Mavis Warrod and Precht hear Zera

The final part of the episode - while the ending plays - was actually a great adaption of the final Zero page, with the timeline showing us, at times in a mysterious way, what happens next. Thank you, Bridge, for that Acnologia shot, which the old anime never included. >:C

Mavis the tactician Acnologia attacks Tenrou Island

And well, that concludes the adaption of Fairy Tail Zero. I'll go as far as to say that this was the best arc of Fairy Tail S2 in terms of story and adaption. I mean, I remember liking Zero much more as it was running alongside Tartaros arc, it felt like Mashima had more freedom when writing the story and everything clicks together in such a great way, with Zeref being involved in the creation of the guild as an interesting twist. The anime actually brings out the strong points of the prequel and expands on bunch of scenes, in most cases exceeding my expectations. Ignoring a few animation and art derps - and I gotta say, there wasn't much of them, the episodes were actually really well made in terms of visuals. Great!

Mavis and Zera together

Oops, I didn't keep this short. O well. Next week, we're heading straight to the next canon arc in the manga and I can only wonder how they're gonna deal with (not) catching up with the manga too fast... Till then!

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