Alright then, I hope everyone will join me in fanboying over this episode.

Mavis at the lake Mavis notices Yuri

Mavis greets Yuri Mavis' reaction to Yuri's apology

I mean, hot damn, just Mavis alone had so many beautiful shots in this episode that I took like 61464416 screenshots. And not just that, I think the entire episode was drawn beautifully, and the animation was pretty good as well. Dragon Yuri destroying the town was epic, Law was epic2 and even the filler parts were really well done. Honestly, an awesome adaption of an awesome part in the Fairy Tail Zero manga. Next week, it seems like we're in for the last episode of the arc, and afterwards - yes, that's right - we head straight back into the main story with the first episode of the Avatar arc. Till then~

Mavis asks Zeref about powerful Magic Mavis and Zera climb the Blue Skull Dragon

Mavis casts Law Yuri asks Warrod about Mavis

Yuri's promise Mavis learns the truth about Zera

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