OKAY GUYS. This is my last weekend before the start of the next semester and I managed to pass all of my classes so far, so it's chill time for the last few hours. I actually have a few things to say and since no one made the blog yet, I figured I could do one more time. Really though, making it regularly is a drag.

Zeref in a lake


There is one thing I must say. This episode was absolutely beautiful as far as the art department goes. You could tell that they put a lot of effort into drawing the characters this week. All the Zeref shots. All the Mavis shots. And the animation was so pretty too. Zeref destroying the forest looked so good. Overall, the interaction between the two so done really nicely, so yay.

Then we get a filler of Zeref teaching group Magic, as Mavis requests. This was a nice addition, something that the manga version even lacked, something that Fairy Tail usually lacks to begin with, a training session. So it's not really like Zeref comes there and oh, we suddenly can use Magic that beats an entire gu-. O wait. Lol. That final scene. Warrod pls. I really liked the way they made Warrod discover his non-offensive nature, but please, "Hey, teach me magic" - "Sure" - *summons huge ass tree*. Genius teacher? However, other than that, the training was nice, especially the waterfall nod. It's not a training without one, huh?

Next episode doesn't look as good as this one if we go by the preview, but hopefully it'll be entertaining enough.

Mavis asks Zeref for help A surprised Zeref

Mavis summons illusions for Zeref Zeref teaching Magic

Yuri develops Lightning Magic Yuri's training place

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