Hello everyone! Today, we have a really beautiful day! It's sunny, Spring is coming, my allergy is rampaging, I have like 8 projects to work on at the same time and a fuckton of homework. My laptop's breaking, I'm jobless and have no money. Life's just too good. #monthlyepisodeofbitching

Before I begin talking about the chapter - yes, it's out at Mangastream, so run there to read it before this blog spoils you, a little offtopic information, or rather, its confirmation. As per the previous 'spoiler' image from this chapter's cover, the current anime will stop its run with the next episode, Message of Fire. However, the text also mentions that a work on a new anime project (?) has already begun, so that means the anime will hopefully return soon. Also read here.

Jacob slams down Natsu

Um, Natsu, are you sure it's okay for you to criticize others for destroying stuff?

With that said, the chapter... ugh. Natsu and Lucy vs. Kain. Natsu and Lucy vs. Franmalth. And now... we have Natsu and Lucy vs. Jacob, yet another, well, not so serious battle. RIP Spriggan hype? Well, first thing first. Jacob has Natsu beat in hand-to-hand combat, not only that, he soon begins to make use of his Stealth magic, which allows him to make things transparent - so yay invisible Jacob - as well as see hidden stuff, such as Mavis there.

Lucy summons Loke against Jacob

Yaaa, go Lucy

Here is the part that I actually liked and that is Lucy using her brain. She summons Leo to use his Lion Brilliance to uncover Jacob so that he can attack him, however, not much is done as Jacob makes use of his invisibility. But... instead of abusing this OP ability more, Jacob decides to...



Lucy's clothes affected by Jacob's Magic

Oh man

... yep, strip Lucy. Make her clothes invisible. Unlike in the last anime episode, Lucy's got a bra and some panties here. But Natsu doesn't give a fuck and he's there, like, ( ._.)/, while Loke's got his priorities straight... What's even more ridiculous is that this actually affects a virgin Jacob. Lel? So Natsu and Lucy kick the hell outta Jacob and he's pissed. The more interesting thing is that Mavis seems to have gotten a good idea!

Natsu and Lucy vs. Jacob

Well, at least Jacob's not defeated yet, right?

So... well, it was a comedy fight for most part. I guess a lot of people will be pissed, but it doesn't really do much to me, Jacob and his character are like the least interesting thing in this arc, so yea... Let's go, Natsu and Lucy.

Mavis gets an idea

Yeah... If you strip like Lucy does, you may defeat Zeref

But I can't say I hated the chapter. It's just that the sense of danger is kinda... not there anymore.

Natsu, Lucy and Happy face Jacob

And these three together is always so nostalgic!

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