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  • Miskos3

    Yay, procrastination. I just realized we don't have a blog dedicated to this meme of an OVA, so I figured I'd interrupt my studies to write a paragraph or two about it.

    Classic... Breaking things as always

    I haven't been paying attention ever since I watched that terribad version on YouTube (lul), so I'm not even sure if the OVA has legit subs at this point, rip legit fansub groups. In any case, let me just mention this: all 3 OVAs were honestly very subpar in terms of art quality, in spite of very little action happening in all of them. The new anime team always excelled in story-driven episodes with not much action happening - 413 Days, anyone? - so this kind of questionable quality was rather disappointing to see, especially since with OV…

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  • Miskos3

    Hello, hello! First of all, I'd like to wish happy holidays to each of you reading this blog. Regardless of what you want to celebrate, whether it's winter or summer for you, I hope that you all have fun with your free time, get some deserved break from work or school and spend some quality times with your loved ones. Secondly, I'd like to, once more, shout a loud Happy birthday to my fellow admin and a great friend, who turned older yet again just 2 days ago. Man, we sure are getting closer to that age when maintaining erection may become an issue...

    Ahem. And finally, to the main point of the blog. As it has seemingly become a tradition, the wikia users get together to discuss anime every season. As shocking as it may sound, we actually do wa…

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  • Miskos3

    Well, an unexpected leak has allowed us to read the new chapter literally a whole week before it's supposed to be officially out. Lovely, huh?

    Anyway, the chapter was pretty awesome, actually, however, given my current mental state (thanks college), I'm unable to type too much or even.. think.

    I'm just going to say that Irene has gotten one of the best backstories we've seen in a long, long time. And I don't even see the plotholes that people will surely want to talk about, probably the only major one being Acnologia not recognizing Irene as a Dragon. Which, I'm sure, she was able to mask by now, or even enchant away.

    So yes, it's been some time since we've gotten a legit villain that's not just there, being a 1D character. And I'm pretty happy …

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  • Miskos3

    Hmmm, by all means, this was a pretty good chapter on all fronts. I'm definitely into this flashback and I actually love that we have a villain so closely tied to the history of the series' world. I'm also all into learning more about Erza's origins, however, I do have to wonder what is Hiro's intention in regards to Erza when it comes to the newest information. You see, whenever a main character of this series met up with their parent, the result was a power-up for them and more relevancy for the story. Looking at you Gray. So the only conclusion I can make is: Mashima wants to make Erza relevant in the upcoming battle against Acnologia.

    And I'm not sure if I like that. Again, this is all a speculation on my part, as it seems like we're on…

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  • Miskos3

    Alright, so even though we still lack a legit version of the OVA, for those who already watched the LQ one on youtube (lel), I figured we should have a little discussion. The raw is finally out so hopefully a legit fansub group picks it up soon.

    Anyway, as everyone familiar with the omake that this OVA is based on would imagine, a part of this OVA has the stamp of fanservice. Boy, and they didn't tone anything down. Not only the omake is adapted basically 100% accurately, they even added the part from the actual manga which was censored in the original anime: post-Sun Village hot springs scene at Warrod's place. Just at the FT guild. And without Gray. Oh well.

    As for the rest of the OVA, I was actually surprised to see that they tried to put…

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