• Miskos3

    Hey guys, I'm going to keep this short, but I figured some of you may like what's going to be posted here.

    First of all, the final Fairy Tail chapter has been posted in full color in the Magazine Pocket app thing. You can take a look at it here. (Source)

    English version (Source)

    There is also a big interview with Mashima posted there, the first part has been translated here. The thing that I really want to point out is that during its 11 years of run, Fairy Tail has never gone on a break. That's really crazy.

    Second part of the interview is here.

    Third part of the interview is here.

    And finally, there are some tweets with Mashima's words on FT's ending translated here.

    Discuss or w/e /o/

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  • Miskos3

    And so, the end screw those dumb E.N.D. puns tho is here. I fully expected this to be my last blog (review), but alas...

    Mashima has blessed us with the news of the anime returning for its third series in 2018. In a way, I'm glad that the manga will get a complete adapation in the end, but I still fear the way it's gonna be done. Those of you who were around the announcement of the second series and the subsequent material release surely remember the hype surrounding the S2... just to reach a complete and utter disappointment in Episode 2. :'D We shall see though. There are some parts that may just look better animated and if Mashima's gonna work with the anime team once more, perhaps we can look forward to some cool extensions, backstory-wise e…

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  • Miskos3

    I will update this review properly later as I have no time right now, but let me just say:


    -One eternity later-

    Okay! I might actually just end up being super positive at this point, because let's face it, at this stage of the game, the complaints are repetitive as hell, if not cringeworthy. I mean, the next time I read something about one shots and/or nakama, I might shoot a puppy. And not because I disagree, quite the opposite, but constantly reading about how water continues to be wet is rather bothersome, to say the least.

    Moving to the main meal, I guess I'm just going to repeat myself: the real world events are faaaar, faaaaaaaaar more interesting, as well as entertaining than the actual Dragon Slayer battle. As a former member o…

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  • Miskos3

    Man, I'm so conflicted. On one hand, the real world stuff is actually pretty entertaining, I find it super enjoyable that everyone's been doing -something- to stop Acnologia's Dragon body. Remember the last time when basically every remotely important character had a role to play in the climax of an arc? Yeah, me neither. Except, where the fuck is Meredy? ಠ_ಠ

    I don't know about you guys, but I really liked the panels with Gray/Mira/Erza taking their stances. Then, I actually felt nostalgic with Happy and Lucy recalling the first chapter of the series. And boy, did I enjoy the eventual activation of Fairy Sphere? I sure did! Lucy looked awesome. That aside, did y'all watch the true queen hit Acnologia with all those weapons? ಠ◡ಠ

    And then... we …

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  • Miskos3

    Hm, this wouldn't be a bad chapter if normal circumstances applied, but given that there are 3 to go, I fear how this is gonna finish.

    Literally all I've got to say, lol. I fear my reviews have been slowly degrading to Rai's level...

    We got another juicy double spread of Acnologia nuking things and Dragon Slayers continue to be pushed back. Ayy.

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