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  • Miskos3

    Tfw you don't notice a huge-ass ship flying towards you that wants to insert itself into your dragon ass. Welp.

    Uwaaah. Color me surprised though. ( ._.) Mah boy Jellal isn't written out of this arc yet? He gets some action? Against Acnologia? Being actually impressive? With new spells and not just punches? *wipes tears*

    And at the same time, Acnologia isn't even bothered by it because he eats all magic. I guess that makes sense and honestly lines up with all those 'Ethernano Dragon Slayer' theories. Anyway, Wendy should chill a little. But then... Ichiya rams his magically-repaired ship into Acnologia and honestly, that's kind of funny, because this might just become true... Ahem. And so, Ichiya is seemingly led by an unknown woman who definitel…

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  • Miskos3

    Tfw you pull a Rai and press Enter after typing out the blog title, publishing it empty as a result. ( .___.)

    Uhhhh anyway, a very early chapter is here, god bless Japanese holidays, I think? So as some of you may have read last week, I fired several nukes towards the previous chapter, as well as the final parts of the series. Does this chapter change anything? Does it actually accomplish something meaningful?

    Obviously, a single chapter is not capable of cleaning up the huge mess we've been through, but this time around, it actually makes me feel more forgiving towards the whole August mess. A few things:

    August wasn't rekt in the last chapter

    Yay? I mean, that was a pretty nice development as after the last week, I left it to my wildest drea…

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  • Miskos3

    Guys, it's confession time.

    My name is... Hiro Mashima!

    And I'm sure there was a part in that conversation when I pointed out August dodging Cana's cards. Yep, in truth, I read y'all comments every week and dedicate a chapter here and there to troll everyone. And this chapter is one of them.

    All jokes aside (or are they?), as far as I'm concerned, this chapter is a new low for me. Like... I'm not even sure where to begin. Holy shit, when I saw the early spoilers, I thought, what a fucking disaster. To the point that even this parody is actually better than the actual chapter. Those who've read at least a few of my blogs or chapter comments in the recent few weeks, months, whatever, probably realize that I'm one of the few people left here who…

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  • Miskos3

    Okay, I may have already talked about something similar last week in a blog comment, but I feel I really have to point out a certain thing that has been happening for a while, in fact, it's present in multiple arcs and not just recently: there is a chapter, sometimes even a series of chapters in a row, that accomplish... absolutely nothing. Zero. Nada. And why? Because Hiro keeps jumping among people, scenes, plot points.

    It's been like 4 chapters, maybe? 5? And we're still at the same stage. Zeref and Natsu are stalling each other. August is blabbling about his his cryptic evil senile grandpa stuff and Gildarts and Cana are playing house. Acnologia is most likely eating Wendy. Hue.

    I don't know, I'm kind of full of these chapters that accom…

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  • Miskos3

    Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry

    February 28, 2017 by Miskos3


    Character designs also posted on the website, as well as FT Wiki Twitter. Too lazy to upload right now.

    Dragon Cry, wand (staff?) in which dwells rage of the dragons, consigned to oblivion by humans... Will Fairy Tail be able to regain stolen artifact and save the world?!

    Dragon Cry is magic wand, enshrined in the temple in Fiore Kingdom. The wand, that has enough power to destroy world, was stolen by traitor of kingdom, Zash, and delivered to king of Stella Kingdom, Animus. The request of recapturing Dragon Cry was accepted by mages form Fairy Tail: Natsu, Lucy, Happy, Gray, Erza, Wendy and Charla; while chasing Zash, they infiltrate Stella Kingdom. During their mission, they meet Animus' magician, Sonia...

    What Animus plans to do with …

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