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    Chapter 522

    The first of the two chapters this week. And oh boy, was it interesting! There was actually quite a few things that stood out to me and there were answers that I didn't expect getting so soon!

    First of all, last week I questioned Zeref randomly mentioning Laxus and Jellal; now we watch Zeref being aware of Gray's past and Gray is literally the voice of my thoughts: Why do you have information about things you're not interested in? And sure enough, Zeref reveals that he knows about all of his enemies. Which, of course, makes sense, but in Zeref's case, it feels somewhat redundant. Still, I liked Zeref going through the major members of Fairy Tail.

    Secondly... it turns out we actually still don't know Zeref's main goal?! That was so…

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  • Miskos3

    First of all: Next issue should include two chapters and a movie info! Yay?

    Second, the chapter. Sort of a transition chapter once more. And again, a rather good one, but at the same time, I'm not sure what to talk about. Laxus is carrying Makarov back to the guild *cries* while everyone else keeps fighting the fodder. Talking about fodder... a conclusion to Mira and Elfman's fight. o.o Who would've thought, eh?

    I mean, it's obvious that those fights existed only so that the characters in question were occupied by something, but still, did they have to be completely off-screened? Mirajane beating Jacob in the end is cool and all, but... let it sink: Lisanna took Ajeel down. ಠ◡ಠ Grandpa's random ass appearance? Ok whatever.

    Meanwhile, Brandish i…

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  • Miskos3

    Thank you, Hiro Mashima, thank you.

    I hope this chapter means what I think it means: the E.N.D. subplot is over. Done. Finished. No more contradictions. No more forced Natsu vs. Gray-like fights. No more "you ded if I ded". No more "oh, look at my asspull evil form" retcons. Anything and everything that involved E.N.D. ever since he was 'introduced' back in Sun Village arc has been nothing but a disaster. Please, just... let it die.

    Looking at this from another angle, one should probably be hella pissed off with this development: literally three arcs worth of build up ended with "oi, but I am a human *seeds self-destruct*". Too bad Irene didn't think of that before she went batshit insane. Oh wait... But honestly, I loathe the E.N.D. subplot s…

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  • Miskos3

    I have been laughing out loud ever since I read the chapter. I'm not sure if I suffered some kind of brain damage during this exam period, but I'm truly amused and I just can't stop laughing.

    So, let me get this straight.

    Erza the QUEEN actually DESTROYED the goddamn meteorite and then proceeded to SLASH the fuck out of Irene - okay, Wendy helped, but still.



    Out of like 7 dragon slayers-protagonists or whatever is the number now, Erza is the only person to actually eff a dragon. Well, kind of.

    And I don't know about you guys, but I find this absolutely fantastic because I can already taste the salt through my screen. This chapter is priceless on so many levels.

    Okay, to be somewhat serious, Erza go…

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  • Miskos3

    Yay, procrastination. I just realized we don't have a blog dedicated to this meme of an OVA, so I figured I'd interrupt my studies to write a paragraph or two about it.

    Classic... Breaking things as always

    I haven't been paying attention ever since I watched that terribad version on YouTube (lul), so I'm not even sure if the OVA has legit subs at this point, rip legit fansub groups. In any case, let me just mention this: all 3 OVAs were honestly very subpar in terms of art quality, in spite of very little action happening in all of them. The new anime team always excelled in story-driven episodes with not much action happening - 413 Days, anyone? - so this kind of questionable quality was rather disappointing to see, especially since with OV…

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