Note: This is my first time writing a blog so please bear with me.

Jellal and Erza nearly kiss

The most precious episode for JelZa fans

While watching the anime update last week (Episode 245/S2 Episode 70), I was perplexed by a sudden realization that randomly came to me. JelDy (or whatever you call it) can be possible. Erza has a rival!

For me this really sucks because I'm a hardcore JerZa/JelZa (I prefer JelZa) fan since 2010. The two of them don't even get that lovey-dovey; except for Episode 154 and OVA 5. And this uneasy feeling that Meredy can be a rival is strong enough to be shrugged off.


Okay, so that's only for Episode 245. Even though I hate to admit it, Meredy has an advantage because she had been together with Jellal for 6 years while Erza didn't even get to spend enough time with Jellal. Furthermore, Jellal and Meredy spent a period of time together after Ultear left Crime Sorciere due to some circumstances. There's also this 7-year gap that I hate the most. So, Jellal is now 27 years old and Meldy is in her early twenties. Unfortunately, Erza is still 19 physically because time stopped for her. I just don't know but I really like to consider the age gap since Erza was making a fuss about it. [refer to Episode 229/S2 Ep. 54]

As a fan, I tend to have that "what if" feeling and fear. JelZa isn't even canon and they can't even see each other frequently so why add a possible rival? It is quite disturbing. And to think that JelDy already has one possible supporter through the identity of Richard. It sucks. I just want to cry.

In a nutshell, JelDy is a big no-no for me. I'm aware that I'm biased since I love JelZa. But it's just like that. Erza is for Jellal just like how Juvia is for Gray; Levy is for Gajeel; and Evergreen is for Elfman. (No NaLi/NaLu because I'm torn in the middle)

[I might be overreacting, but these are my thoughts as a fan. Don't hate me if you don't agree. If your ideas are contradictory to mine, feel free to comment your thoughts in a nice way or you can make your own blog. Thank you for wasting your time in reading this!)

--Misako szk (talk) 10:09, August 15, 2015 (UTC)

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