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Bring back the previous animation

Some of you might not agree to this but... I SERIOUSLY NEED THE OLD ANIMATION BACK! Last year, when Fairy Tail came back, I was very happy. However I was shocked to see some things that changed, like: • Erza's hairstyle • Elfman's face • the resolution or the style (???) • Lucy's eyes (they got smaller... I think) • and many more But I was too happy to make a big fuss about it.

However, when the Tartaros arc started, the lightings of the video started to get dim or different (or was it my imagination?). It was not okay, but still, I accepted it. But after 10 or more episodes I began to miss the animation-style (or whatchamacalit) of Episodes 175 below. It was way way too different. So, I kinda missed those things. Fairy Tail S2 is still Fairy Tail so I didn't (and still don't) get why they need to change the style.

If there are reasons for this, I really want to know.

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