So, I'm new here and decided to start a blog..forgive me if its bad. So, I was just surfing the net one day reading the manga and stuff and look what I found.


Is it true?!

It seems to be a online game based off fairy tail...kind of. So I decided to check it out and everything and its true. O_O

Sadly its not fully a fairy tail online but rather a mix with one of nexon's other games taleswaver..not that I'm saying that's a bad thing mind you..

Of course the disappoint this is that the all powerful nexon is the one behind it.. so there's no way US people can play it (I tired, IP block). Based on what I've seen the fairy characters make a appearance in the game as npcs and can help you fight enemies of their game taleswaver.

Npc characters

gray punching someone

You also seem to get outfits based of the characters so that's cool..I guess. As for the story, I'm not sure if its anything fairy tail related..and if their just in it for the hell of it.. (Japanese is not one of my reading abilities.) While I do think this is cool, I hope maybe, one day I can see a fairy tail online game.. Than again, that may not be a good idea. Free feel to comment and tell me what you guys think?

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