aka Alice

  • I live in unknown
  • I was born on August 10
  • My occupation is Bagger at Kroger
  • I am Female
  • Misaki12

    Well, I have not been on this forever.. Been extremely busy with work and all that other crap. School is over to me. But I have been keeping up with Ft..for the most part anyway.. Some of the stuff his done has me raising eyebrows

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  • Misaki12

    You know...whatever happened to Trinity Raven? You know Ikaruga, Fukuro, and Vid? They've been gone for a long time now.. I can't help but to wonder what the three are doing the entire time things are going on and if Mashima ever plans to bring the three back. *sighs* honestly, I would like to see these three come back, not sure if anyone else agrees but their much better than some of the idiots Mashima has brought into things. Should I say perfume as a reminder of such one? (no offense to any fans of said character). I know they escaped from tower of heaven so what are they exactly doing? Playing cards or something? I do hope Mashima at least considers bringing them back I would, in my view, like to see a rematch between Ikaruga and Ezra. …

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  • Misaki12

    I apologize for the late introduction to the wiki, but I'm going to now. Nice to meet everyone, I'm Misaki or Alice whichever you want to call me. I hope to meet some friends here and I'm nice.. (for the most part) I'm a huge fan of fairy tail! Well, despite all the bumps along the way.

    Not sure if I like the manga or anime for now I like both pretty much the same. For about me.. well I'm 26.. I like to write stuff, like fan fictions and stuff (despite my grammar).

    But I'm glad to be here and hope to make some friends.

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  • Misaki12

    So, I'm new here and decided to start a blog..forgive me if its bad. So, I was just surfing the net one day reading the manga and stuff and look what I found.

    It seems to be a online game based off fairy tail...kind of. So I decided to check it out and everything and its true. O_O

    Sadly its not fully a fairy tail online but rather a mix with one of nexon's other games taleswaver..not that I'm saying that's a bad thing mind you..

    Of course the disappoint this is that the all powerful nexon is the one behind it.. so there's no way US people can play it (I tired, IP block). Based on what I've seen the fairy characters make a appearance in the game as npcs and can help you fight enemies of their g…

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